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Mac Sabbath @ Highline Ballroom

There are bands that are the stuff of nightmares but this band is the stuffing of them, yes its Mac Sabbath, Fast Food Purveyors Of The Metal. They’ll be serving it up (pardon the pun) with support from US Americans and Syka.

mac sabbath,

“Stay Wild” by Syka

Artist: Syka
Title: “Stay Wild”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 7/17/2015
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

I’ve had the Syka “Stay Wild” EP on my to do list for a little longer than I planned and as someone who has seen the group in action on the live stage a handful of times by now felt that I should throw together some thoughts about this rather solid offering. For those still new to the name, Syka is a young up and coming Hard Rock band from the New Jersey side of the metropolitan area and I should let you know that they refer to their sound as “Dark Glam”. After spinning the CD a few times I’ll totally agree with that but of course Hard Rock works pretty well too. Fronted by the talented and beautiful Jesyka, the band delivers a power packed punch that quickly makes you realize that this group means business and is willing to deliver a solid product to your musical mind. It all starts off with “Shock Me” where we get some slower textures in the track until it kicks in with a crescendo that truly showcases the register that Jesyka possesses along with a crunching riff from guitarist Greg Sgar. “Stay Wild” would follow this and struck me as the kind of song that one might expect to hear in a movie soundtrack since it’s a fast paced and just made me think of the band playing on a stage at some venue while the cast did their stuff around them. That might sound strange but in any case it was during this one that I found myself tapping the table and singing along to the words that I knew.
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Orgy @ Gramercy Theatre

Orgy will bring their Industrial Metal sound to the masses assembled at The Gramercy Theatre tonight and find support from Bobaflex, Death Valley High and Syka.

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Kamelot @ Starland Ballroom

Tour - Kamelot - NA 2015 Part 2

Kamelot continues their tour supporting their album “Haven” and this stop in NJ will find them supported by Lyken21, Dragonforce, Syka and Midnight Eternal.

GWAR @ Webster Hall

GWAR has returned to NYC and shall bring along with them Battlecross and Syka. Born Of Osiris were originally a part of the tour but a foot injury in their guitarist has found them backing out while he recovers.

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