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New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: Part 6

“Six! Six! Six! – The number of the blog series posts la la la la”…..or something like that. Okay so I realize that was a slightly corny an intro but it’s New Year’s Eve 2012 and before I get ready to ring in the brand new one, I just had to get that next batch of quotations out for our “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013”. If for some reason you are only picking up with this right now, please know that you have walked in during the middle of the movie. Yep, the part where the Avengers are already fighting each other, where Batman is holed up in some faraway place and where Spider-Man is facing what amounts to be one of his deadliest foes, so you might want to start a few posts back. For those keeping track, welcome to Chapter Six – Let’s go…

1. Tom Morrisey (Killcode): Our resolution for 2013 is to capitalize on everything we’ve done since our inception. The band is ready to bring it to the next level and the shows in 2013 will only get BIGGER, LOUDER and BETTER! We can’t wait to get out on the road spreading the :::CODE:::!

2. Kyle Odell (Vanisher): I just want to meet new people and learn to better myself as a human being and musician. I hope for the best and am stoked for a busy year with the band.

3. Marcela Bovio (Stream Of Passion): My New Year music resolutions for 2013 are to finish writing and record the 4th Stream of Passion album (really excited about that!), and to work even harder to promote our music and go places where we’ve never been before.
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Revisiting “Metal Edge” Magazine: The DVD Reviews – Part 4

These video overviews were originally written for Metal Edge Magazine when I was a contributor to their DVD reviews section back in 2006. With the magazine wrapping up publication a few months ago, I decided to add them to the context of our PiercingMetal presentation. I felt that by doing this I would not only be raising the horns in remembrance of the magazine but to also showcase just how different writing for a major publication was when it all came down to it. These posts will feature several reviews each until we run out of them. The freelance writing tenure at Metal Edge Magazine was discussed on THIS LINK so please check that out when done. Here we go with another group of DVD Reviews.

Rainbow: ”Live In Munich 1977” (Eagle Vision/Eagle Rock Entertainment)

Ritchie Blackmore formed Rainbow after becoming unhappy as a member of Deep Purple. The band had a number of lineup changes but gave us some amazing Hard Rock and showcased the talents of Ronnie James Dio and Cozy Powell. The DVD features the only known footage of this roster in 1977 as ilm finds the band supporting their new release “Long Live Rock And Roll” and the albums preceding it. Running a only eight songs there are excellent jams and guitar displays by Blackmore. The audio and visual quality holds up great for its 29 year age and should appeal to all ranges of fans. The DVD comes with bonus footage and includes a miniature tourbook from their European visit.

Sentenced: “Buried Alive” (Century Media Records)

My dear friends we are gathered here on this sad day October 1, 2005 to pay well-deserved tribute to the band Sentenced who tragically and not too quietly ended their life in the same manner that they lived it – on the concert stage among their most ardent and supportive fans. Yes, the DVD release that bears the same name as the CD concert gives the viewers the final live performance ever of the band Sentenced; a band who decided to call it a career with their release Funeral Album, a powerful Gothic Metal CD issued in early 2005. This “suicide” came after sixteen years as a group and essentially at the mass decision that all they could do in this band having been done. It was filmed in their native Finland, at the club Teatria and with over two hours of concert material and also a heaping amount of bonus features. You get an excellent concert and one that features a strong selection from the band’s final album and their singer Ville Laihiala (who has since gone on to focus his efforts with Poisonblack). The years with Ville as front man found the band more Gothic Metal than their original sound of Melodic Death Metal when they were fronted by Taneli Jarva. It was this Gothic Metal sound that ended up inspiring the likes of HIM and The Rasmus. Their fans from the beginning will enjoy the fact that Jarva returns to the stage with the band during this show and performs five numbers from the time that he was a member of the group. His was a darker, rougher voice and more along the lines of the growlers of today’s Black Metal scene. The bonus inclusions give all of the bands videos on the second DVD along with interviews that while in Finnish, do come with sub-titles for the rest of us to enjoy. There is a cryptic segment which finds the band walking through the town with a casket as they take their funeral procession. It leads into a behind the scenes look at the video for “Ever Frost”. With all this material to enjoy it is hard to find yourself not coming to some sense of sadness as a band chooses to close the book on their existence in such a dramatic fashion. Their impact was definitely felt in this aspect of the Metal genre – May they rest in peace.
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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of 2006”: The Videos and Concerts

As I’ve already noted, it was a very exciting year in the Metal music world and as we draw to the close of 2006 its time to continue with what we felt was the “Best” of the year. In a previous post, I lined out all of the albums that I felt were the most awesome and now its time to line out the videos and concerts that were the same. I’ve also mentioned a few of the letdowns.

The Best Videos Of 2006:

Arch Enemy “Live Apocalypse” (Century Media Records): Do you love Angela Gossow? If not, I don’t want to be the one to tell one of the most imposing of female singers today. This is a band that has done serious damage since her arrival and shows no signs of stopping.

KISS “KISSology” (VH1 Classic) : You wanted the best and you got the best the hottest band in the world KISS!!!!! Disagree with me? Shut up and get out of my way or wise up and enjoy this incredible archive of video footage from a band that started more trends than you can count..

Rush “Replay X3” (Universal): 3 classic Rush out of print VHS films in a neato little package with mini-tourbooks, oh snap this was wonderful to see released.

Children Of Bodom “Stockholm Knockout Live” (Spinefarm Records): Are you doubtful that COB is one of the more exciting bands of today, then buy this DVD and come talk to me again.

Therion “Celebrators Of Becoming” (Nuclear Blast Records): Behind on your Therion, well this comprehensive and extensive boxed set will surely win you over and get you up to speed.

Stream Of Passion “Live In The Real World” (InsideOut Music): Arjen Lucassens project with the beautiful Marcela Bovio will take you to new musical realms. There was a companion CD released for this as well.

Whitesnake “Live in the Still of the Night” (Universal Music): Here they go again on their own, and guess what it all still kicks some serious bootie.

Sonata Arctica “For The Sake Of Revenge” (Nuclear Blast Records): One of the best live bands for Metal today. They hold the banner high for the genre.

Black Label Society “The European Invasion” (Eagle Vision): Doom Troopin’ Live: so much better on this DVD than the last one. A tight set of crunching Hard Rock and Metal.

Kamelot “One Cold Winters Night” (SPV Records): This is a concert film that will make you a fan for life. Dramatic, energetic, and passionate. Melodic Power Metal at its best.
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PiercingMetal Talks To Stream Of Passion’s Marcela Bovio (11/2006)

Logo - Stream Of Passion

Marcela Bovio is the singer for the Gothic Progressive Hard Rock band Stream Of Passion. The group was formed by Arjen Lucassen’s who “discovered” Ms. Bovio after she submitted her demo to him over the Internet. The submission was to be a part of his composition, the amazing release by Ayreon “The Human Equation”. Shortly after the albums release, Lucassen contacted Bovio about a new and different kind of group that would be geared more towards her style of singing as opposed to the levels of Progressive Metal and the result would be the extraordinary debut by Stream Of Passion, “Embrace The Storm”. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I was able to “talk” to Marcela about her musical origins, her thoughts on the recorded work and plans for the future. Below is our conversation.

PiercingMetal: Marcela I guess the best place to start would be at the beginning. Tell me about your earliest musical experience and what made you decide to become a singer.

Marcela: I don’t think I recall my first musical experience exactly, I know that ever since I can remember I’ve enjoyed singing. When I was very little I started taking music lessons, and when I was on my teens I started singing with bands and stuff like that; that’s when it actually hit me that I wanted to become a singer.

PiercingMetal: I’ve read that you had a band called Elfonia but I don’t know much about them beyond the descriptions of it being a group that had levels of Atmospheric Rock. Tell us a little about them and if we shall hear anything more from this group in the future.

Marcela: There is definitely a lot of atmospheric rock influence in Elfonía’s music, but also a lot of experimental and progressive rock stuff in there; so we end up just calling it progressive rock actually. The band started in 2002 and we’ve released two albums: Elfonía (2003) and This sonic landscape (2005). We’re currently in a standby status, because we’re all working on different musical projects; but we never know what the future will bring!
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“Live In The Real World” by Stream Of Passion

Artist: Stream Of Passion
Title: “Live In The Real World”
Label: InsideOut Music
Release Date: 7/18/2006
Genre: Gothic Melodic Rock
Rating: 5/5

Simply put the Stream Of Passion is another sign of the genius that is Arjen Lucassen. The guitarist best known for his creative output in sorcery and medieval themed Ayreon formed this group that brings his musical ideas into an entirely new and different direction. Focused on lead singer Marcela Bovio, this Gothic Melodic Rock outfit was set loose on an unsuspecting public in 2005 with their debut release “Embrace The Storm”. The album was full of deep and rich melody that with every cut showcased the talents of this amazing singer. It was not a Progressive or Power Metal band like Ayreon, or his other Star One project but it was not some lame commercial production either. Fans of the music of Evanescence and perhaps even a little of the slower Nightwish tracks would be able to find a level of appeal to this group. There was an intelligence and groove in every song and once you hear Marcela sing, you will be an instant fan. She has also recorded “The Human Equation” with Ayreon and I am sure that outside of this recording we have not heard the last of her. The concert was recorded in Arjen’s native Holland in front of a sold out audience. To make it more interesting for the fans the group does not only focus on the Stream material but also treats you to a great number of Ayreon tunes and makes sure to slip a little Star One in there as well. There is a booklet that features pictures of the band from the concert and some liner notes but the main news is that this product is also available as a DVD.
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