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“Meanwhile In Burbank” by Stone Sour

Artist: Stone Sour
Title: “Meanwhile In Burbank” EP
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 4/18/2015
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

Though I’ve not really been following the adventures of Stone Sour over these last couple of years I still consider myself a fan and will gladly discuss the bands music when the means and time permits me to do so. I’ve always enjoyed their sound and the different band that it is from Taylor’s main project Slipknot. Now before I get into this one, I should admit that I had some hesitation when I learned about their releasing a short covers EP. There was a time a few years ago where the CD section of the brick and mortar outlets were loaded with them since it seemed like everyone was offering up their own take on other groups classic tracks. Truth be told, some of them were solid while others fell short and when I read more about this one by Stone Sour I was more receptive since the band was offering up tracks that were special to them as young music fans. The bands they chose were definitely very relevant with Alice In Chains, Judas Priest, KISS, Metallica and the mighty Black Sabbath. Let’s take a quick overview to the release.
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Out Today: “House Of Gold And Bones” #1 by Dark Horse Comics

Comic - House Of Gold And Bones - 1

The “House Of Gold And Bones” comic book finds its first issue being released today by the great Dark Horse Comics and while its no longer uncommon for some illustrated medium coverage being done here on the Official PiercingMetal blog, this one in particular is being broadcast as comes care of Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor who has penned the tale. Its the singers first go at such a task and the story will be loosely based on the music that was heard on the Stone Sour pair of releases that bear the same name. The preview pages look nice but of course its not enough to give you a full grasp of the storyline, so a review of that will not be found in this posting. The four issue series will be illustrated by Jason Shawn Alexander whose worked on a number of Dark Horse Comics properties over the years. I’m sure that the fans of Corey’s musical work will be taking to this title and bringing them along to signing appearances going forward.

I wish Taylor luck in this adventure and hope he spins a compelling tale when it all comes down to it. As a long time comics collector who’s followed a number of the greats I have to say that I expect the same from musical artists who brave this kind of realm. I’ve embedded links to Amazon.com where you can order a copy of the comic or the two CD’s by Stone Sour that make up the two part concept release (which I also still need to hear and review). Of course you can even purchase all three which I think will make everyone very happy.

Official Website: http://www.darkhorse.com

“Come What (Ever) May” (CD/DVD Special Edition) by Stone Sour

Artist: Stone Sour
Title: “Come What (Ever) May (CD/DVD Special Edition)
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 6/24/2007
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

I was blown away when I first heard the great Hard Rock melodies by the guys in Stone Sour on their sophomore release Come What (Ever) May, and of course I had expected certain levels of quality to be present since the bands core membership comes from the legendary Slipknot. It was an album that took the Metal world by surprise and since its initial release has achieved Gold status and after less than a year of shelf life gets a Special Edition that brings the fans both extra tracks and a full length DVD concert to enjoy. For those who for some reason still don’t know what this band is all about lets review a little bit – Stone Sour is a full on serious band and not a merely a side project to Slipknots Corey Taylor and James Root. The band is heavy but does not have the same brand of chaos that Slipknot is most known and as result appeals to a wider listener demographic and could would work alongside bands like Deftones and Korn very well. As an album this was a winner from beginning to end and had a number of catchy tracks in “Sillyworld”, “Reborn”, “Through Glass” and many more. They were all very easy to get into and make you either sing aloud or pump your fist into the air. The special edition gives you six more tracks and all the included songs are pretty much along the lines of the rest of the albums content with the best being “Suffer” and “Fruitcake” in my opinion. They deliver a cover of “Wicked Game” and while HIM has already cornered the market on covering that tune the Stone Sour guys did a really nice job on the Chris Issak classic. It closes with a spoken word piece called “The Frozen” which shows Taylor lining out some dramatic dialogue as opposed to singing. Lyrics are provided for everything in the booklet with the exception of the cover and the spoken word piece.
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Stone Sour @ Roseland Ballroom (4/6/2007)

Stone Sour is a side-project bands for Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Jim Root and tonight they would take the stage of a sold out Roseland Ballroom. The show featured Lacuna Coil, Til December and Shadow’s Fall as well but we were only able to snare photos of the main band performing for some reason tonight based on sudden last minute “restrictions” at the venue. To learn more about the show just scroll past the logo below.

Logo - Stone Sour

Artist: Stone Sour
Venue: Roseland Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Shadows Fall, Lacuna Coil
Date: 4/6/2007
Label: Roadrunner Records

While it’s true that Slipknot and their unique style of Metal meets uncontrolled chaos is not for everyone, it also seems true that two of its members have found a way to reach new acolytes with an entirely different band – introducing Stone Sour. The band Stone Sour was actually formed as far back as 1992 by singer Corey Taylor and would eventually feature guitarist Jim Root (who both went on to work together in Slipknot). The band mixes great Hard Rock riffing alongside the more modern Alternative scene and the resulting mix is a lot more refreshing than some of the other bands who claim the Alt-Rock title of today. I wasn’t sure I was hitting this show until the last minute and was glad to be able to do so since it was also going to feature Lacuna Coil, Shadow’s Fall and some newcomers Til December. The scene of the spectacle would be the Roseland Ballroom in NYC, and this venue has not had enough Metal and Rock shows of late so it was nice to see it back at this course of action. As my eyes glanced around the venue, it seemed to be a really solid crowd early on. Granted it wasn’t the massive humanity fest that I found immediately at the Lamb Of God show we recently covered, but the space would fill in as the night got later and the time for Stone Sour drew near. The entire concert tour was another showcase of The Jagermeister Music Tour, a tour that I attended several times when Slayer was headlining the event. It’s really nice to see the changeup to keep things fresh and interesting.
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“Family Values Tour 2006” (DVD) by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Family Values Tour 2006”
Label: Firm Music
Release Date: 12/26/2006
Genre: Nu-Metal
Rating: 3/5

1998 was the year that Korn started “The Family Values Tour”, and the mega event was a powerful alternative to that of Ozzfest since it offered the audience a wide mix of Metal, Rap and Hard Rock acts instead of being a strictly Metal performance. Their hectic touring and demanding roles as a growing band would keep Korn from headlining the show for a number of years until 2006. In their absence such talent as Stone Temple Pilots kept the level of quality high for the fans. The performance in 2006 would be a triumphant return for the band as they were not only supporting their latest release “See You On The Other Side” but also headlining over some of today’s most popular groups. The Nu-Metal giants would find support from such staple acts as The Deftones, Dir En Grey, Flyleaf, Deadsy, Stone Sour and 10 Years. The trend in releasing both a CD and DVD of the event would continue as well and this film is the perfect way to enjoy some of what happened at these shows.
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