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“The Thunder God Of Monster Island” by Moth Eater

Artist: Moth Eater
Title: “The Thunder God Of Monster Island”
Label: Giddy Up! Records
Release Date: 7/13/2010
Genre: Doom Metal
Rating: 4/5

New York Doom Metal fans rejoice for our own Moth Eater have finally gotten out of the studio and delivered unto us an EP entitled “The Thunder God of Monster Island”. The dramatic name is perfect for the group and calls to mind two Pop Culture references that denote power and intensity and when added together for a common goal, the listener gets a solid frame of reference on the smiting that’s delivered courtesy of the band. An interesting thing about Moth Eater as a band is how their pasts find them coming at this project from a number of different musical angles with singer John Alaia being a Dethcore/Hardcore vocalist, guitarist John Conley a Metalcore/Grindcore axe slinger and rhythm section Buckshot and Dave Ardolina at one time being the backbone of Sleaze Rock’s Dirty Rig. Oddly enough, the foursome is able to make the experiment work out, and rather well. Here are some thoughts about the four tunes that the EP presents to us.
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Skateboard Marketing 18th Annual CMJ Showcase @ Bowery Poetry Club (10/22/2009)

Logo - Skateboard Marketing

This past week was the annual CMJ Music Convention and like many before it would again invade The Big Apple and deliver more music than any one person could easily absorb.  To say that there is something for everyone at the CMJ convention would be an understatement and while I would have loved to partake in a lot more that was happening, the time was just not there for me to do so based on a hectic week of Metal concerts that required my coverage.  One of the things that I did manage to enjoy was the annual Skateboard Marketing music showcase which is hosted by the company’s founder Munsey Ricci.  I’ve been working as an ally in Metal media with Munsey for about five years now and was eager to help him and his friends celebrate the company’s 18th year of doing this kind of showcase.  This years hang would be at The Bowery Poetry Club (across the street from the location that once housed CBGB’s) and it was sure to be a good time of familiar faces, cold beers and loud music.  I was certain that the bands would be something interesting because one year we found the legendary Fear Factory performing at it, while last year we got both Autumn Black and Ionia.  Tonight there would only be one act delivering out the Metal and their name was Texas Hippie Coalition, and while I had only heard their name a couple of times, I had heard that they were along the lines of your Southern Fried Metal genre and let’s face it, a lot of that stuff rocks.  I shot a lot of photos and documented the performance as well and its linked to at the bottom of the party stuff that you will see here so hang onto your hats for it.

Munsey Ricci & Ally
Munsey Ricci & Ally

Here’s Munsey Ricci and Ally. He’s smiling not only because of the lovely lady next to him but also because the room is packed with beer and music hungry Metal Media friends. The event was sponsored by Budweiser Beer so the Bowery Poetry Club had plenty of Bud, Bud Lite and Rolling Rock beers on hand along with Monster Energy drink who I learned were also sponsoring the shindig.
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Moth Eater @ Ace Of Clubs (6/5/2009)

Moth Eater is a new Doom Metal band that’s comprised of some cool dudes and former members of the bands Dirty Rig, Scar Culture and Year Of Confession. New to the scene in name alone, these guys were making their debut at the Ace Of Clubs on a very dismal night. To learn more and see photos from the debut just click the logo to be taken to our item on the main PiercingMetal.com site.

Logo - Moth Eater

Artist: Moth Eater
Venue: Ace Of Clubs
Opener: unknown
Date: 6/5/2009
Label: Independent Artist

It might sound a bit cliché but it truly was a dark and stormy night here in New York City as the weekend began and to be honest it was not fun to be trekking anywhere for anything in this weather. It was a rain that seemed to be enjoying the fact that it was dumping on everyone as they sought some peace or recharging activities now that the work week had finally ended. My view was that the cure for such a dismal night might best be found in an ice cold beer and a whoop ass dose of Doom Metal as served up by the newly formed band Moth Eater. The band was actually performing their very first gig at The Ace Of Clubs this evening and this is a cool club to catch a band so we headed down to the space on Great Jones Street and arrived just prior to their hitting the stage. Here is how the night went down.

Moth Eater: The guys that make up Moth Eater are already known to the Metal music community from their previous lives in their other bands. For starters, we have both Steve “Buckshot” Seabury and Dave Ardolina formerly the bassist and drummer of Hard Rock outfit Dirty Rig. That was the band once fronted by Warrior Soul’s Kory Clarke before they disbanded. Next up we have the vocals of John Alaia who was a member of the Death Metal meets Hardcore band Year Of Confession and closing out the lineup is guitarist John Conley of Scar Culture. This was also a Death Metal meets Hardcore band and they were signed to Century Media Records. The room was reasonably crowded and I think in total it fits about one hundred people and while I didn’t count each and every head there seemed to be at least half of this number in place for the guys. Alaia introduced the band and informed us that they had been not doing much for a number of months so to go easy on them. Needless to say they hit the stage with a solid level of Doom Metal force and for a new group did come off as pretty tight. This genre is all about locking into the groove and I had to say that the guys were winning the crowd over. There was head banging from the first note and a lot of joking from them since the crowd was many friends and well wishers. Buckshot would say how out of shape he was and then kick back a Budweiser beer. Don’t worry Steve, those hot stage lights will trim you up again I am sure.

I had never seen Conley’s band nor him before tonight and was enjoying his level of technical ability as he crunched out each super heavy riff. Given their previously working together as a rhythm section, both Ardolina and Seabury are pretty in sync with one another and that’s something that is going to help the band work out material going forward. Alaia sings with a very growling register and there are a lot of similarities in his vocal style to when bands like Lamb Of God’s Randy does his higher pitched growl. Since this stuff is Doom and a lot of the classic stuff used clean vocals, I admit that I would like to see John give this style a try. It will be the perfect combination of the Old School under the guidance of the New School. The set was a short one tonight since there was still another band but everyone was playing their hearts out and most importantly, enjoying themselves as they did it. When John A. spoke about finding the band online, he joked that their My Space was labeled as such because they are one more number evil than the devil. They would play all originals and one cover from the band Four Horsemen this evening and while there was no recorded music available for the fans that was to be expected given this was their first gig. They did have an extremely limited edition t-shirt up for sale and there were only 50 of these made. A new design will follow when they run out so of you snoozed you most certainly would lose for this one if you chose to wait. After the band was done they packed up and chilled out with the friends who were in the room. One such fan happened to be the new vocal power of Anthrax, Dan Nelson. He was also very cordial and happy to meet anyone who felt like talking to him. I think the band has some promise for the Doom Metal genre and its fans. Of course like anything new it requires work, and I am confident that the band will be putting their all into making this new project work. It’s rather different from all of their previous musical incarnations but if you are a fan of crushing and grooving riffs and drums then Moth Eater is a recommended way to spend some of your time so check them out.

The actual closing band tonight would Gods Green Earth who I had never heard of before this evening, but much like the Saints of Pain who I caught about a year ago at this same club, would have Go-Go Dancers on the stage with them doing their thing while they played. This was not a headlining situation because in the fashion that the club sets up the shows, each band gets their slot and often leaves with their audience following them. Of course given the night, there was some cross-pollination of audiences for each of these final two acts. In my opinion the Gods Green Earth stuff was ok and I liked the heaviness they were delivering, but I had to admit that I was enjoying the dancing girls Pariah and Abby a whole lot more. They were gorgeous. Maybe Moth Eater can use their talents the next time around. Some food for thought if the band is reading this article. These days anything that gets a band attention should be investigated.

Set List:
1. Wendigo
2. The Aftermath
3. Our Time
4. When Bruises Leave Scars
5. Rocking is Ma’ Business (Four Horsemen cover)
6. In the Mirror

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/motheater667

PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Woozyfly.com

Continuing the series on the existing Social Networks and how they are being used by the PiercingMetal outlet. This is WoozyFly.

Woozyfly: We had an account on WoozyFly but we never did anything with it, and then after not checking it out for some months we chose to see how we could make it work out for site proliferation. Sadly we found the domain gone from the Internet and inquires led to discovering that it no longer existed. Eventually it came back up as a lead to something totally different and our account was gone. I guess not all things take off like MySpace and Facebook after all. I had to say that this was one of the more interesting of the new Social Networking things since it was so focused on music and video delivery. Every subscriber had the chance to be either a fan, or a band or some kind of online DJ. You were able to host your own show and bring your own musical interests to the masses. One of our long time friends even had one and he called it “Buckshot’s Bonanza”. The host was Steve Seabury aka “Buckshot” who was the bass player for the band Dirty Rig as well at the time. He took a lot of video and I am hoping that this stuff is somewhere on YouTube.com since the whole shebang is gone and the material lost to the servers of the Internet.

Learn more about what Woozyfly.com was all about by clicking their Wikipedia entry.

Official Wikipedia Entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woozyfly

Dirty Rig @ The Continental (6/29/2006)

Dirty Rig is the new Hard Rocking band that is fronted by Warrior Soul’s front man Kory Clarke. Tonight they would be celebrating their debut album on Escapi Music and do a gig at The Continental NYC. Click the logo below to be taken to our article on the main PiercingMetal.com site.

Logo - Dirty Rig

Artist: Dirty Rig
Venue: The Continental (New York, NY)
Opener: unknown
Date: 6/29/2006
Label: Escapi Music

I had seen Dirty Rig on a number of occasions for the label showcases and tonight the event was going to be one for the memory books as they would be celebrating the recording and release of their Escapi Music debut “Rock Did It”. To be honest, this time around I was there more for the party and the time with friends than for coverage and being Metal Paparazzi. Yet after their set was done and the camera images scanned I decided to just drop a couple of words about the guys and the stuff that the music fan gets when they attend a Dirty Rig show. The band is pure Hard Rock & Roll, and it’s no apologies, kick you in the teeth stuff that if you are a fan of bare bones music then they are probably the perfect group for you to check out. Their lead singer is Kory Clarke, who comes from the underground legends Warrior Soul, and his followers would definitely dig the different aspect he is approaching here. This rocking stuff is not as politically charged as the music performed with WS and instead are more about drinking, living life to the fullest and just having a good time while you can. There is clearly nothing wrong with that if you ask me. Handling the guitar is Chas and he has some tasty flair happening that anyone who enjoys guitar rock can appreciate. The drumming is ably handled by Dave who pounds like a madman during the set and really is a solid time-keeper that the rest of the guys are able to count on. Personally, I get a kick out of watching Buckshot play the bass as he is pure Rock and Roll Badass spirit. This dude is crazy on and off stage and really enjoys himself when he is playing. If you are one of those audience members who likes when the band hangs around in the crowd afterwards then Dirty Rig will appeal to you even more as they are among the first to hit the bar right off the stage after the gear is cleaned up.
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