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Adrenaline Mob: Live Photos @ Starland Ballroom (3/21/2015)

On Friday, March 20th the sad news was announced about longtime Twisted Sister drummer A.J. Pero passing away. He was currently on tour with Adrenaline Mob who he had joined not too long ago and recorded their “Men Of Honor” album. The band was currently rocking their fans with the newest album “Dearly Departed” when A.J. left us. On Saturday night, Adrenaline Mob would perform again and do so in honor of their fallen band mate. PiercingMetal’s good friend Nicole Geib was in attendance and shared several photos that she took from the barricade and a quick summary for our readers. I would have loved to be on point myself but had already scheduled coverage of the Enslaved show at Gramercy Theatre. Check it out below.

Logo - Adrenaline Mob

“Adrenaline Mob played a beautiful tribute show to AJ Pero last night at Starland Ballroom, and Mike Portnoy reunited with them to honor AJ. It was part of the Drowning Pool tour, but those guys really helped to honor AJ by wearing their Adrenaline Mob shirts while playing AND by letting Adrenaline Mob play last and headline the show. AJ was a truly wonderful, genuine, and kind man, and this show was really a beautiful tribute to him. AJ’s son even joined the guys on stage briefly, and received condolences from them. For the finale, Jay Jay French came on stage, grabbed his guitar, and they closed the show with Twisted Sister’s You Can’t Stop Rock & Roll. RIP AJ. Your memory will live on forever even though you could not.”

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Presenting Life Of Agony’s Only US Date For 2014

Fans of the band Life Of Agony will likely be spinning in place with excitement as the news about the bands sole US appearance for 2014 taking place at the Starland Ballroom this coming September.

Tour - Life Of Agony - 2014

This will mark what amounts to the second reunion of Life Of Agony who seemed to be all about finished as a touring group over the last couple of years. Drummer Sal has his A Pale Horse Named Death group while Alan Robert has been working on comic book releases. Singer Mina has been doing solo gigs while Joey remains active in his studio working on numerous projects. That being said it’s definitely special when a band that is not currently touring decides to make a special one-off appearance and the Starland Ballroom will be the perfect place for this particular show. Personally speaking I’ve never been more than the casual listener to this particular band but I do know plenty of fans out there who felt that this band spoke to them on numerous levels across their lives with their debut “River Runs Red” and its follow-up “Ugly”. I’ve caught them on various tours a couple of times over the years and can attest to their being able to deliver a solid show. This will clearly be one that their fans remember for a long, long time.

Tickets for this special event of a show will go on sale on July 18th at noon and you can purchase one by clicking HERE

Official Website: http://www.lifeofagony.com/
Official Website: http://www.starlandballroom.com

Below you can find several of their bodies of musical work. If you are curious, you can always investigate via these links.

Mastodon @ Starland Ballroom (2/10/2007)

I had only caught Mastodon once before but really loved what they were all about so I made sure that my weekend of Metal with my friends would be complete by getting to their show at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ tonight. Sadly, a last minute snafu/miscommunication had me unable to take photos at the gig but report on it we did and to read this item just continue past their logo below.

Logo - Mastodon

Artist: Mastodon
Venue: Starland Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Converge, Priestess
Date: 2/10/2007
Label: Warner Music Group

When you listen to what Mastodon has done musically with their debut release “Leviathan” and then follow the progression along to their major label release “Blood Mountain”, you will find that they are unlike most Metal bands that are on the scene today. Obviously they are heavy as their name implies powerful giants from ancient times but there is nothing “Old School” about them. In a world of Extreme and Black meets Death Metal we find Mastodon changing the mix by offering up elements akin to Fusion and Jazz. The resulting mix gives the listener Metal music that is both technical and avant-garde which gets twisted around into new blends of aggressive music. Tonight the band would be playing a sold out gig at Sayreville NJ’s Starland Ballroom, and given this was the only vicinity show for me I just had to make sure we brought some level of coverage to the readers. I headed to the venue from Upstate New York with SoT’s Pete Pardo and I think we clocked about eighty miles from door to door by the time we arrived. After some initial confusion with entry we eventually made our way inside. Priestess and Converge would be direct support for the show but we would sadly miss anything that Priestess would be playing. Instead we would be in place at the exact time that Converge would be hitting the stage and at first I looked forward to this since I had heard several good things about them from fans of the Metalcore genre. To be quite honest, they just didn’t do it for me and while energetic on the stage were coming off as if they were playing one long song. Every riff seemed the same and the singer was just not as original as others I had seen of late. Some of the crowd loved them, and others were not. My section kept hoping that each song was the last and as they progressed I hungered more and more for Mastodon music. Perhaps they are better on recording than I was able to appreciate at this gig. We shall see if they are on a bill I attend again.
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Twisted Sister: Live Photos @ Starland Ballroom (12/22/2006)

The legendary Twisted Sister was performing its first-ever Christmas Show and we were there to witness the high-octane shenanigans. The concert was discussed in full on THIS LINK so do please check it out, and now here is the full gallery that was captured during the gig.

twisted sister, twisted sister christmas, twisted sister concert photos, twisted sister christmas photos
Twisted Sister by Ken Pierce (2006)

twisted sister, twisted sister christmas, twisted sister concert photos, twisted sister christmas photos
Twisted Sister by Ken Pierce (2006)

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Baptized By Fire: Live Photos @ Starland Ballroom (12/22/2006)

I was rocking out holiday style for the first-ever Twisted Sister Christmas show at the Starland Ballroom but before they would come out we had to warm up with the opening act that was called Baptized By Fire. The band featured Dee’s own son and the show was discussed in full on THIS LINK. Now please enjoy the few photos that were captured during their set.

baptized by fire, baptized by fire concert photos
Baptized By Fire by Ken Pierce (2006)

baptized by fire, baptized by fire concert photos
Baptized By Fire by Ken Pierce (2006)

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