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Rata Blanca @ Stage 48

Celebrating their “XXX” Anniversary Tour. If you love their legacy sound you are not going to want to miss this band.

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Black Dahlia Murder @ Stage 48

The Black Dahlia Murder brings along Whitechapel, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Aversions Crown and Shadow of Intent will perform together at Stage 48. This show is 16+ with ID of proof.

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POSTPONED: The Juliana Theory @ Stage 48

The whole tour by The Juliana Theory has been postponed. No rescheduled date is available at the time of this update. Stay tuned to this calendar for when and if the show will be happening. Refunds available at point of purchase.

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Win A Ticket For Hammerfall/Delain @ Stage 48 on 4/24/2017

The Details: It’s been a bit of a time since the mighty Hammerfall has toured around these parts so finding them returning to the USA and with a NYC show on the books is pretty damned awesome. They’re joined on this run by Delain from the Netherlands who a lot of people are going crazy for and since we’ve seen both bands a few times over the years it’s safe to say that this will be a Metal treat that leaves lasting memories. The NYC show will be at Stage 48 and thanks to the powers that be on the promoter side, some lucky PiercingMetal fans will be getting to see the show for free. Read on below on how to participate in this latest contest.

When and Where: Monday, April 24th @ Stage 48 (608 West 48th Street, NYC)

To Participate: This is a co-headlining run for all intents and purposes and since I usually ask for three things about the main act and your interest in them I am going to ask that you do exactly the same for me with this one. However, there is a trick to this one. If you are a fan that that is most interested in Hammerfall then your three solid entries should be focused on Hammerfall. If you are most interested in Delain then the three entries should be about them. Now for the trick….I’d also like you to add a fourth entry about the other band. Make sense? It should. Now please review some guidelines that help with the competition.
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Win A Ticket For Lordi @ Stage 48 On 2/23/2017

The Details: New York City are you prepared for a night of monsters unleashed? Are you strong enough of stomach to withstand the terrors from a foreign land? Do you have the stones to stand before the mighty Lordi as he gazes down upon you with intense scrutiny before devouring you whole? If you gave a rousing “YES” to any of these questions, then you are sure going to love the appearance of Lordi as he returns to NYC with a show at the beautiful Stage 48 venue. Thanks to the awesome promoters over at the club, some of the PiercingMetal elite will be able to enjoy this show for absolutely free. It’s time to be afraid of monsters once more. Read on. If you dare……

When and Where: Thursday, February 23th at Stage 48 (605 48th Street, NYC). 6:30 doors 8pm show.

To Participate: It’s been a very long time since Mr. Lordi brought his garish band over to our shores and that means a lot of people might not have had any proper exposure to their brand of musical mayhem. I am going to keep my itinerary to three things and ask you to just line out three reasons that you wish to go to this show. They should be sufficient enough to convince me on why you seek an audience with Mr. Lordi as he doles out the destructive tuneage. As always if you feel like impressing me you can even add a fourth (but no more). Make them good. I’ll be picking from the best submissions and letting them know right under their comment gird yourself for the things that go bump in the night and try your luck at this one. The contest will run until the night before the show or when supplied tickets are all utilized. Please review the guidelines below before entering and if you want to see what you are in store for please click THIS LINK to see some of the photos from earlier appearances.
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