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Fountains Of Wayne @ Street Sounds “Gretsch Day” (6/2/2012)

Just the other day we had the annual “Gretsch Day” celebration at the Street Sounds Music store and part of the overall excitement was a headlining appearance by the band Fountains Of Wayne. Now While I make mention of the band in the narrative for the event itself, with PiercingMetal being a music review and entertainment website, I just had to let the band shine on their own for good measure. That being said, readers can scroll past the logo below to check out my full on concert review of their set. Its only a few key thoughts but it will suffice. Then you can enjoy some side images and a video from the day itself that are all only being presented in this space.

Logo - Fountains Of Wayne

Artist: Fountains Of Wayne
Venue: Street Sounds Music (Brooklyn, NY)
Opener: Cousin Harley, Nik & Sam
Date: 6/2/2012
Label: Yep Roc Records

Every year my neighborhood music store runs an event called “Gretsch Day” and this is a celebration of the Gretsch line of musical instruments that while including guitars, basses and drums, is pretty focused on the guitar line. The event features a host of musical performances and in the past I had secured some clips and images and posted them over on my side blog PiercingKen.com or my personal YouTube.com channel. This year the event got bigger and brighter and was going to feature a full on sized performance stage and be headlined by the Power Pop sensations Fountains Of Wayne. Now I realize that I mostly focus on the heavier side of life with my writing, but since this gig was a special event and something that would bring a new group of readers to the presentation I decided to keep my music scribe hat on and talk briefly about the set by Fountains Of Wayne. Here we go.
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