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National Cinema Day @ Alpine Cinemas

Today is National Cinema Day at participating theatres and that means its only $3.00 to enjoy any movie at any showing across the course of the day. We’re helping laud the efforts of the Bay Ridge Alpine Cinema where they will be showing “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, “The Invitation”, “Beast”, “Bullet Train”, “DC League of Super-Pets”, “Three Thousand Years of Longing”, “Minions: The Rise of Gru” and “Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down”. Other discounts might be available as well.

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Presenting: The 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards Scripted Winners

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Last night the winners were announced for the 5th Annual MTV Movie and TV Awards for both the Scripted and Unscripted Categories. Since so many of the scripted listings fell into the wheelhouse of our Pop Culture narratives I’ve opted to list them here for your indulgence. The Unscripted Categories and winners list are featured over on “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” and you can see that rundown by clicking HERE. Now lets get to the envelopes and the awarding of the Golden Popcorn trophies.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
WINNER – Spider-Man: No Way Home
The Adam Project
The Batman

WINNER – Euphoria
Inventing Anna
Squid Game
Ted Lasso
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Presenting The 2nd Critics Choice Super Awards Winners

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The Press Release:
The Critics Choice Association (CCA) announced today the winners of the 2nd annual Critics Choice Super Awards, honoring the most popular, fan-obsessed genres across both movies and television, including Superhero, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror, and Action.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” led the film winners this year, garnering three awards overall. The film was awarded Best Superhero Movie, while Andrew Garfield took the prize for Best Actor in a Superhero Movie, and Willem Dafoe won Best Villain in a Movie.
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Now Playing: Sony Pictures “Spider-Man: No Way Home” (12/17/2021)

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We just love the adventures of the Amazing Spider-Man here on PiercingMetal.com and when it comes to the live-action films that feature him we try to be right in the theater nice and early to see what’s going on before all the spoilers take over. The third installment of the most recent incarnation of Peter Parker is Tom Holland and beginning today he will thrill you with his latest story “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. We’ve discussed the film a few times so just click HERE to bring it all up to your screen in a new window. Below you will find some art, and more cast names. Enjoy.

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The Premise: After Peter Parker’s identity as Spider-Man was exposed by Mysterio at the end of “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, his life and reputation are turned upside down. Parker asks Dr. Stephen Strange to help restore his secret identity with magic, but this breaks open the multiverse, allowing supervillains from alternate realities who previously fought other versions of Spider-Man to arrive.
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Sony Pictures: “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Official Trailer

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Now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has released its latest film “Eternals” the only connected movie to come for the year is “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and its been a few months since the Teaser Trailer for that had surfaced. We posted that and some commentary HERE in case you wanna be fully on point about it all but now its time to get serious as the full-on Official Trailer has recently been dropped. Be ye indulged.

The Premise: Following the events of “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, in which his identity was exposed at the hands of Mysterio, Peter Parker’s life and his reputation is turned upside down. Seeking help from Doctor Strange to try and fix everything, things soon become much more dangerous and Parker must find what it really means to be Spider-Man. (c/o Wiki)
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