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Marvel Announces “Storm” Limited Series For May

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“Storm” #1

The Press Release:
This May, Storm will headline a brand-new solo series that spotlights why she’s one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe! A thrilling five-issue limited series, STORM will be written by groundbreaking creator Ann Nocenti, known for her definitive run on Daredevil and her storied career as a X-Men editor.

In the same spirit as titles such as Symbiote Spider-Man and Venom: Lethal Protector where the industry’s greatest creators take a retro spin on Marvel heroes in key moments throughout Marvel Comics history, STORM will delve into Storm’s fan-favorite “punk” era! Joining Nocenti will be artist Sid Kotian, who just teamed up with Chris Claremont to revisit another classic period for Storm in the recently acclaimed Gambit limited series. The upcoming series will see Storm’s omega-level mutant gifts evolve in a radical way, causing her to lose control at a pivotal time in her journey as leader of the X-Men. In the tumultuous journey that follows, fans will see Storm confront a new nemesis, perform breathtaking never-before-seen feats, and even fall in love!
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Marvel Announces “Gambit” By The Legendary Chris Claremont In 2022

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The Press Release:
Chris Claremont and artist Sid Kotian launch an all-new GAMBIT series in 2022. Stay tuned next year for more details.

comic book covers, marvel comics, marvel entertainment
“Gambit” #1

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: With such a limited bit of information in this tease I won’t say much about it but who doesn’t want to welcome the legendary Chris Claremont back to a very popular member of the X-Men. The art of Sid Kotian is new to me so I will wrap this up with a simple “stay tuned” since the folks in Marvel PR will likely be sharing more news once the new 2022 year gets underway. Though its still a bit early I guess I can wish my fellow celebrating geeks a very “Merry Christmas”. To say that I will be keeping the content coming until the end of 2021 is an understatement as there are so many emails to rifle through and determine what you need to see. Stay safe out there and I will see you next time.

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