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Super7 Announces Slayer’s “Show No Mercy” Minotaur ReAction Figure

Tenured readers of the PiercingMetal website know full well about our support of the Toy Industry for our Pop Culture narratives. We’ve been attending NY Comic Con and the Toy Fair for just about a decade now and with the latter event happening in the coming days, I am pleased to share one of the latest offerings from the amazing Super7 company. Check it out.

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The Press Release:
Super7®, the San Francisco based toy and pop-culture lifestyle design house, is pleased to announce its latest collaboration with heavy metal legend Slayer, the Show No Mercy ReAction Figure. The deal was brokered by Global Merchandising Services, Inc. worldwide Agent for Slayer. Formed in 1981 in Huntington Park, CA, American thrash metal band Slayer are considered one of the greatest metal bands in history with twelve albums and over 20 million records sold.

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Super7’s® Show No Mercy Figure features the iconic Minotaur from the cover of Slayer’s 1983 debut album and is the newest addition to their popular 3.75-inch ReAction Figure line. This release continues Super7’s® tradition of taking iconic music and entertainment properties and giving them a unique nostalgic twist.
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Slayer’s “Show No Mercy”; Still Merciless @ 30 Years (1983-2013)

It was thirty years ago today that the Metal darkness known as Slayer released their debut album “Show No Mercy” on Metal Blade Records and while the Thrash Metal movement was still growing thanks to bands like Metallica and Raven, it was going to get a serious and more intense boot to the posterior based on this album. Slayer had been together since 1981 when Kerry King formed the group with drummer Dave Lombardo then added Jeff Hanneman and Tom Araya to the final roster and their earliest imagery paid heavy focus to Satanic iconography and the same principles applied to their music. Songs that would eventually make up the “Show No Mercy” debut. The guys in the band had to self-finance the release even though they had been signed but let’s face it, Metal Blade Records had only been around for a year at this time and Metal while popular in some circles was really quite the underground thing (especially with the kinds of bands that they were featuring back then). Now I will admit that back in 1983 I was not listening to Metal that was this intense and it would take me a few years to get into Slayer but clearly the band was onto something because their material and live presence was sheer brutality. I was often told by friends who had seen them during their formative years that you never forgot a Slayer show and that you would rarely leave unscathed after attending one. They had bruises to prove it but that never stopped them from going to another nearby show if it was possible to do so. Reception wise, according to the album’s Wiki entry “Show No Mercy” would become one of Metal Blade Records highest selling albums and that is something that Kerry King, Tom Araya and Dave Lombardo should be very proud of as musicians. Sadly the Metal world lost founding member Jeff Hanneman earlier in the year so I toast him for this accomplishment posthumously. It is however safe to say that his memory and influence still resonate loud across the genre. Today’s Metal scene also finds original drummer Dave Lombardo out of the lineup and replaced by the talented Paul Bostaph.
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Win A Ticket For The Big Faux 4 @ B. B. King Blues Club

PiercingMetal is giving away some tickets to see a fun Metal tribute night entitled “The Big Faux 4” at the always rocking B.B> King Blues Club. That’s a play on “The Big Four” if you didn’t catch it and will find the bands Misstallica, Show No Mercy, Peace Sells and Thunderbox offering up some sonic tributes to Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. The giveaway comes care of our friends in the venues Marketing Department and we’re holding this ticket offer on our Official Facebook Page. Please click the embedded image below to participate.

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