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Lez Zeppelin @ Highline Ballroom

Lez Zeppelin returns to The Highline Ballroom and will perform the entire “Earl’s Court” concert for their fans.

highline ballroom logo

Lez Zeppelin’s Shannon Conley Joins The Cast Of “Hedwig and The Angry Inch” For Limited Dates

Hey there fiends, it was not long ago when we were raising the glass about one Miss Lena Hall (a singer that we have seen in a few bands over the years) joining the Broadway production of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” – As fans of Miss Hall’s Rocking sense we were so happy to see her join this play with Neil Patrick Harris and absolutely stoked when she won her very first Tony Award for “Best Featured Actress In A Musical” (see my toast HERE). Now its time for Miss Hall to take a much needed and very well deserved vacation and in her place for the short duration will be Lez Zeppelin’s own Shannon Conley.

Poster - Hedwig and The Angry Inch - 2014 - 2
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Lez Zeppelin in Concert (6/28/2012)

The summer heat was blazing down upon New York City and that meant it was best to get inside a venue and enjoy a smoldering Rock show with the comforts of an air-conditioner blowing around you. That made it the perfect reason to go check out the ladies of Lez Zeppelin who were doing a gig over at Abrons Art Center this evening, and since I had never seen anything at the space before I knew this was going to be a special night. Check out some side images and video from the night by scrolling down this post.

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Lez Zeppelin @ Circle Line Cruises (7/15/2011)

I caught the ladies of Lez Zeppelin a few months ago when they were doing an In Store performance at J&R Music World in celebration of their then new release “Lez Zeppelin I” (my review of can be found by clicking that title).

Logo - Lez Zeppelin

Artist: Lez Zeppelin
Venue: Circle Line Cruises (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 7/15/2011
Label: Pie Records

If I had to think back about when I first heard anything about Lez Zeppelin, I will say that I originally thought that it was on some compilation release that featured all female tribute bands. I ended up being incorrect in that assumption but I am sure that it will come to me eventually about when I first heard them at the craft. Despite this momentary lapse of reason, I did know that the band was good and that a number of my friends liked what they were up to and when I was contacted by a publicist that I deal with very often about doing an album review and checking out their appearance at this year’s Record Store Day at J&R Music World I would be a little more up to speed about them myself. For that gig the band performed acoustically as their drummer was dealing with an injury but I had to say that I really enjoyed the presentation and the sound as well as the brief meet that I had with the band members. Of course I knew that I was not getting the full and proper picture because one of the key appeals about Led Zeppelin music is the pounding drum beats that drive the band forward. My chance to correct this would come with tonight’s adventure as the band was set to embark on a NYC “Rocking The River” cruise and this was connected to the Circle Line Music Cruise in some fashion. The residents of the Big Apple are well aware of the Circle Line as it’s a popular tourist attraction and nowadays we are finding that cruises seem to be very chic for some of the heavy musical hitters as bands like KISS, Queensryche and the “70,000 Tons Of Metal” event that all take place on large scale vessels.
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Lez Zeppelin @ J&R Music World (4/16/2011)

Logo - Lez Zeppelin

Artist: Lez Zeppelin
Venue: J&R Music World (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 4/16/2011
Label: Pie Records

It was that time of the musical year again as Record Store Day hit the region with a melodic force of nature. I present it like this because while this is always an event to remember, the weather outside was doing its best to keep the adventurous gormandizer far away from the racks at J&R Music World. It would clearly have to do a lot worse to stop those kind of folks from taking advantage of the discounts at this store and to prevent them from enjoying some free music courtesy of the band Lez Zeppelin. In order to celebrate Record Store Day, the ladies would be doing a special acoustic set of Zeppelin classics and also giving people a chance to pick up their sophomore album “Lez Zeppelin I” and get it signed if they had such interest.
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