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Scorpions & Megadeth @ Madison Square Garden

Two titanic Metal legends on one stage is that you get with Scorpions and Megadeth. You are not going to want to miss this one.

Win A Ticket To See Scorpions and Megadeth at Madison Square Garden on 9/16/2017

The Details: As a comic book reader growing up there were two series that I loved and they were “Marvel Team-Up” and “Marvel Two-In-One” and essentially these were tales that took two great characters and united them for a single purpose. I thought of this when it came to the upcoming tour that features the legendary Scorpions and the mighty Megadeth as they plan to hit the awesome Madison Square Garden this Saturday. I have been listening to these two bands for as long as I can remember and was getting very excited about bringing a story and images to your attention soon after. Then I learned that thanks to the fine folks in the Marketing division of the LiveNation team that will be putting in some truly lucky fans into the show on the house. I am stoked because I think this amounts to our biggest bands to have given away tickets to yet. Check out the details on how to participate.

When and Where: Saturday, September 16th @ Madison Square Garden (NYC)

To Participate: This is NOT an easy one at all but still runs on the same premise as our other contests. I am sticking to the three things about the band that makes your fist pump high into the air and raise the love of the Metal in your very soul but for this one I am assigning some homework. Please give me “3” things that you like most about the bands and I mean each of them so “6” total points. There shouldn’t be any newbies to the music of Scorpions and Megadeth that’s for sure. Perhaps there are albums that “spoke” to you or concert appearances that sent you to the music shop to snag some of the band members earlier works. Just give me three solid answers for each and how important it is to be at this show. I know I make you work but I work here too so whining about the process will not win out at all LOL. Make this good reading because the stuff remains on the website and can likely inspire new fans as well on how our freebies work. Writing “because they slay dude” is just too un-original and boring. I’ll be responding to the comments that I like most right below their answer. Kindly review some guidelines before entering your submission. Extra credit is welcome of course if you’d like to laud the greatness of the other performers as well. We don’t have a lot of tickets for this one.
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Scorpions @ Hessentagsarena; Rüsselsheim, Germany (6/11/2017)

The Kat was continuing her Metal prowl across Germany and tossing back some views on truly great artists and sharing the skinny with us back home at the Metal Command HQ in NYC. As these came in I also made notes on where I will need to go should I ever get there and now we hear a quick summary of her Scorpions experience.

Artist: Scorpions
Venue: (Germany)
Opener: n/a
Date: 6/11/2017
Label: Universal Music

Written By: Katherine Wilson (copyright 2017) for PiercingMetal.com

After ditching me to see the historic Deep Purple, my dad thought we was going to enjoy a night of rest at home sans concert. Wrong. I’ve only seen Scorpions as a clueless and young kid with a lack of familiarity as to who the people with funny accents were talking with my father, so I was going to attend a show I would remember.

Germany has produced its fair share of hard rock and heavy metal, but no act has had the stay that the Scorpions continue to enjoy 50 years on! Every single member of this legendary outfit was running around the festival stage as if they were 18 again. I met 2 pre-teens who had never been to a concert before and all they could say was, “When is the next show?”. It was great to share this amazing experience with them.
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Scorpions Announce “Crazy World” North American Tour With Megadeth

Now this was an exciting bit of touring news. It started making the rounds yesterday but it’s never too late to be stoked for a tour that finds a headlining Scorpions and a support from Megadeth. I didn’t receive a typical Press Release though for this one and instead was using the information posted to the bands Official Facebook. I guess that is how it’s done more and more nowadays. Check it out.

The Press Release:
SCORPIONS announce their North American Crazy World Tour with Very Special Guest Megadeth. Since performing a handful of festivals and concerts last year in the U.S., the band will return to North America for a month-long run of dates.

“When our album Crazy World was released back in ’91, right at the end of the cold war, we toured around a world that was pretty crazy back then, but there was so much hope in the air for a more peaceful future. Now 26 years later, things are getting more crazy every other day. After all these years, ‘Crazy World’ is still a good motto for our upcoming world tour. We are very much looking forward to seeing all of you out there,” states Klaus Meine.
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Edge Of Paradise’s Margarita Monet Shares Scorpions “Still Loving You” On Piano

Logo - Edge Of Paradise

A few weeks ago I was celebrating a renewed appreciation for some now classic Scorpions thanks to their 50th Anniversary vinyl reissues which hit the shops both online and cyber during the first week of December. I discussed them on THIS LINK in case you want to check that out. The celebrating found me chiming in on one of the numerous Facebook Groups that discuss Metal which had asked what its group members favorite Metal ballad was and I commented in that my absolute favorite had to be “Still Loving You” by Scorpions. Some time afterward I noticed a reply was made to my own comment from Margarita Monet, the lead singer for the band Edge Of Paradise. It seemed that this song was also a favorite of hers. I had to smile with the whole “great minds think alike” stuff and felt that it was pretty awesome to share such a thing with a musician whose work I admired. Then the link below arrived in my messages. It seemed that Margarita had worked out a piano cover of this amazing ballad. Check it out below and then I’ll continue.

I replied saying that I would post this for the masses and then I asked Ms. Monet to offer up some thoughts on her rendition and she had this to say…

Thank you Ken for posting this on your site! And I really glad you liked it, I’ve been wanting to cover this for a while, you gave me that push to do it, cause i was kind of scared to cover this, it’s such a classic! “Still Loving You” is one of my most beloved songs, the melodies and the words really get right to your soul! Approaching such a classic, I really wanted to do it justice. Of course I’m no Klaus Meine, but I hope you guys enjoy my take on this!

PiercingMetal Thoughts: After watching this clip I think its safe to say that this song has been given an even higher place in my list of favorites now that I can add “inspiring talented people to cover it” to the mix. As a big fan of Miss Monet’s piano skills and her voice she has proven that it can be presented as a moving song as a solo piece on the piano. I felt that there is such heart and passion presented here and it truly showcases what a talented musician miss Monet is. I hope you readers enjoyed it as much as I did and that you will look more into her band Edge Of Paradise when the time allows. They have a few albums and are actively performing as you read this. There are so many amazing bands out there to support and talk about and I was glad to help her creative process for this one in some sense. So uhm Margarita……text me maybe 😉

Official Website: http://www.edgeofparadiseband.com