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Another Venue Gone: Santos Party House Has Closed

Just a quick note to share with you readers the news that the club Santos Party House down in Chinatown has closed its doors. As Queen would have sung it, “Another One Bites The Dust” and when it comes to spaces to enjoy live music this is not very good at all.

Photo - Santos Party House - Big Room

At the time of my posting I am not aware of the reasons behind the clubs closure but its very likely lease related and found the club owners dealing with a skyrocketing rent increase. This is a common story in the Big Apple these days and whether you liked this place or hated it, they would host a lot of Metal shows that didn’t quite fit some of the other rooms in the general vicinity. Let’s face it, not every show for every band is selling 300+ tickets but they still need a place to do their thing no matter what kind of music they are delivering. The venue opened up in 2008 and one of its owners was Andrew WK and while the sound was not always on point for a Metal show, it had an awesome lighting setup and the sound system sure pumped when it came to their blasting of pre-recorded music.

I didn’t always get to the venue for shows because of other life and entertainment commitments but some of those times are able to be found on THIS LINK (just scroll past the listings since they also come up in this view). I am going to miss having the space as an option because NYC is losing a lot of what makes it an awesome place to be entertained. There is no more Roseland Ballroom, no more Sullivan Hall, Bleecker Bob Records, Duke’s Bar and Restaurant (well, the one that I regularly pregamed in at least) and more is likely to be coming soon. What did you think of the venue either positive or negative or what were some of the shows that you enjoyed most in its walls? Let me know in the comments section.

Official Wiki Entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santos_Party_House

Unearth @ Santo’s Party House

Unearth brings the “Fury Tour” to NYC with support from Ringworm, Reflections, Culture Killer and HollowEarth.

Ikillya @ Santo’s Party House

NYC’s own Ikillya will deliver a crushing Metal show for free at Santo’s Party House with support from Oni. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy something new and from our region. The free entry allows for that extra beer (if you’re old enough) or merchandise purchase.

Ikillya @ Santo’s Party House

Ikillya will deliver the crush at Santo’s Party House.

Braindance @ Santos Party House

Poster - Braindance at Santos - 1115 - 2015

Braindance will bring their Industrial Metal sound to Santos Party House for this late night event. It will feature their live performance and several Industrial DJ’s of note. Its also a super cheap show on the wallet.