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“Fang Bang” by Wednesday 13

Artist: Wednesday 13
Title: “Fang Bang”
Label: Rykodisc
Release Date: 8/29/2006
Genre: Gothic Punk Rock
Rating: 4.5/5

Take one part movie monster, add a dash of graveyard romanticism, some grave-robbing along with a foot stomping Punky Rock & Roll backbeat and you have Wednesday 13’s newest CD “Fang Bang”. The singer/guitarists first effort on Rykodisc is actually his second album after moving on from The Murderdolls. With “Fang Bang”, fans of the quirky and the macabre will surely get themselves gory with delight as the ghoulish front man delivers some sinister and twisted tunes. 13 speaks of the album as a lot closer to the kind of music he did with Frankenstein Drag Queens more than Murderdolls and having heard neither for more than a song or two will have to trust him on this. The album is a lot of fun pretty much from start to finish, and while he is singing about some of the most horrific subjects, he does it with a sense of humor that makes you shudder but at the same time smile and stomp. The music also finds Wednesday in different character modes as a grave-robbing transvestite during “Happily Ever Cadaver” and someone who lived with his dead girlfriend (if I was listening properly) for “Morgue Than Words”. Yes it sounds disgusting but it worked oh so very well and you will find them appealing and be ready to form your own Gothic Punk inspired mosh pit. Musically the album is slamming and catchy as he brings some of the Hollywood horror movie folks into the mix for good measure. There are songs about the American Werewolves, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers to mix it up to the best possible fashion. For those that don’t pay attention to those movie things the latter two are from the “Friday the 13th” and “Halloween” films and if you never thought you would want to dance to their stories then this is the album to prove you wrong. Just try to sit still during those favorites of mine “Haddonfield” and “Till Death Do Us Party” – the quick-witted titles of the songs is just another example of Wednesday 13’s amusing sense of humor and it works quite well on the songs.
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