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KISSNation @ B.B. King Blues Club (8/29/2010)

Logo - KISS Nation

Artist: KISSNation
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 8/29/2010
Label: Independent Tribute Artist

For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of KISS and while they were not the first band that I was ever turned onto, they were the first band that I spent my own money on in terms of albums as a growing Hard Rock and Metal fan. That being said I have gone to see the real KISS in action whenever it was financially possible to do so and over the years have not only jammed out on some drums to their classics but also enjoyed the talents of a number of the KISS tribute bands that make up the circuit. The one that sticks out in my mind is the band KISSNATION who I actually met way back at a Gene Simmons book signing a number of years ago. They were impressive in their costume design and manner in which they carried themselves and I had to say that when I caught them at a show not long afterward that it was a blast of a time. Since that gig the lineup has changed a little bit with both the singer and drummer going on to form ZO2 and in the place of Paul was now singer/guitarist Billy May. On drums would be Michael Demetrious who people call Mikey D. when they are not calling him the Catman. Tonight the band would be doing a headline show at the venerated B.B. King Blues Club and I was excited to see it based on my never having seen the group with these two new members. With no opening act on the bill, this would be all about the classics from the KISS repertoire and that was enough for me.
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Win A Ticket To KISS Nation @ B.B. King Blues Club

PiercingMetal is giving away some tickets to see KISS Nation, the New York City tribute to the legendary KISS at B.B. King Blues Club in Times Square. The giveaway comes care of our friends in the venues marketing department and is being held on our Official Facebook Page. Please click the embedded image below to participate so you can Rock and Roll All Nite.

Please remember to give our Page a proper “Like” because Facebook is a really important Social Network for building and engaging the website’s audience. The more likes and follows that we get the better the chances are to keep this kind of stuff happening. Thanks in advance.

Official Facebooks:
KISS Nation: https://www.facebook.com/kissnationnyc

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KISS Nation: Live Photos @ Tribeca Rock Club (7/26/2003)

Logo - KISS Nation

This is an expanded photo gallery of the KISS Nation appearance at Tribeca Rock Club that was documented HERE.

kissnation, kissnation live photos

kissnation, kissnation live photos
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KISS Nation @ Tribeca Rock Club (7/26/2003)

Logo - KISS Nation

Artist: KISSNation
Venue: Tribeca Rock Club (New York, NY)
Date: 7/26/2003
Label: Independent Tribute Artist

Although this particular concert had taken place a few months before I would become one of those online scribes that inform the world about music happenings on this side of the world, I wanted to share it with people because it was a pretty solid warm up to the whole idea when it came down to it. To those friends in the real world, my love for all things KISS is not something new and given the many interesting tributes to their musical body of work I decided to check out one of the more prominent ones to see what they were all about with some friends. The band was called KISSNation and I had met a few of their number at a book signing that Gene Simmons was doing not too long ago. They were walking around and dressed to the nines in character. The faux Gene stalked the avenue and flashed the occasional tongue while the drummer was decked out in his Eric Carr best. I liked that since it was much more different than those bands that only feature Peter. Their gig this evening would be at the Tribeca Rock Club, and while I thought I had seen some local friends perform at the space, I was not 100% certain.
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