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“Shine A Light” (Original Soundtrack) by The Rolling Stones

Artist: Rolling Stones
Title: “Shine A Light” Original Soundtrack (deluxe edition)
Label: Interscope Records
Release Date: 4/1/2008
Genre: Rock & Roll
Rating: 3/5

Martin Scorsese managed to capture Rock music history with his first concert film “The Last Waltz” which focused on the legendary members of The Band during their final show and now he seeks to relive this glory by delivering us a film that features a performance by the one and only Rolling Stones. The question would this film truly capture lightning in a bottle once again or would it be more of a disappointment when compared to the earlier work, and I have to say that I am on the fence a little about this one. For starters I have not yet seen the film and perhaps I need to do so in order to fully appreciate just what is happening here because the album leaves me left wanting on more than one occasion. The soundtrack for “Shine A Light” comes from 2006 when the Rolling Stones made two appearances at New York’s legendary Beacon Theater and as a venue I can officially say what a wonderful and acoustically sound room it is. Based on this one would expect an absolutely incredible live album to be recorded in the place however I didn’t feel that this soundtrack gave us the best that the Rolling Stones have ever offered because of the overall production and multitude of backing players involved. Yes the band is in their sixties now but they have always proved that they are capable of pulling out the stops and at times the band is big during this presentation yet the vocals are bigger at all times and it doesn’t sound like the musicians are on the same stage with them when Mick begins to sing. It’s this sort of un-evenness that made it hard for me to rock along with the band and these very legendary numbers. The guys present us also with a number of guest stars and this was a practice carried over from “The Last Waltz” it would seem. We find “Loving Cup” performed with The White Stripes Jack White, and “Champagne And Reefer” with Buddy Guy. These tracks are fine and work well within the context of the band but when they deliver “Live With Me” with Christina Aguilera I felt it was just too bombastic in terms of how her voice plays against that of Mr. Jagger. She is a totally amazing singer and perhaps this song comes off much stronger in the film but on the album is just a little overwhelming.
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