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“Project 1950” (expanded) by The Misfits

Artist: The Misfits
Title: “Project 1950” (expanded)
Label: Misfits Records
Release Date: 10/17/2014
Genre: Horror Punk/Rock and Roll
Rating: 4/5

Before I get started I should admit that I had not yet heard the original 2003 release of the very interesting “Project 1950” album by The Misfits until a couple of years ago, and that version is very hard to find on the shelves nowadays thanks to the larger absence in places to buy physical music. That being said I was happy to learn at their booth at the 2013 Comic Con that an expanded edition was in the works that would feature some expanded artwork and additional songs. The album was just recently released and now I finally get to talk about it for your own needs. For those who are unaware about this release let me first explain that it was a quirky idea by Only and Company that found them doing their own renditions of classic Rock and Roll tunes from the fifties with a truly Horror Punk vibe that only The Misfits can deliver. When I first learned about this I really liked the idea based on my enjoyment of the 2001 “Blow In The Wind” album by Me First and The Gimme Gimmes that featured some Punked up fifties tunes as well. This let me know right away that such a thing was possible and now with The Misfits take on tunes of this era, I knew that I was in for a sinister ride.
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