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“Vamp”Collection by Fetty Launch & Semi Precious Weapons (3/31/2009)


Tonight’s adventuring would serve a twofold purpose because not only was Justin Tranter (lead singer of the band Semi Precious Weapons) launching his new line of jewelry called “The Vamp Collection”; but he and the group were going to perform a quick set of material somewhere down the line as the party progressed into the night.  Sounds like a good time right?  Well, when you add to the mix that the location of said event would find this gathering at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Annex down in Soho, NYC then the good time gets raised to new and much higher levels.  Back in December, photographer Peter Parrella and I had actually already paid a visit to this Annex and did a lengthy report about it which you can find elsewhere on the site.  For me the coolness factor was upgraded just a little bit more by being able to return to the place since it was rather interesting even though the Hall has left out some of my own personal favorite acts cool, even though as a fan of certain groups I have a reservation about some inductees that the Hall has placed inside its walls.  All photos are by Peter Parrella (copyright 2009).

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Taking The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex Tour (12/18/2008)

Logo - Rock Annex

Artist: Various Artists
Venue: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC – 76 Mercer Street
Event: “Annex Experience”
Date: 12/18/2008
Label: n/a

Depending on your own personal music tastes and the bands whom you list as your favorites the mere mention of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is bound to spark up some heated debate about just who has been inducted and who for whatever unknown reason still seems to be eluding the honor. To be honest, I have specific issues with a number of these omissions to the Rock Hall myself, but this is not an article for me to air such grievances. Instead, this is a focus on the currently running exhibit that has been set up down in New York City’s SOHO Region and is appropriately called “The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Annex”. Located down on 76 Mercer Street, the display is a nice teaser to what is going on at the original Hall Of Fame space which is located in Cleveland, OH. Having never been to the original Hall, I knew that I wanted to see this exhibit and took a trip down with an associate to be able to share my views on it. Upon entry to the Annex, the visitors are led into the displays by first convening in a small room that looks much like the safe deposit box area of a bank. Instead of the boxes we find numerous plaques of the already inducted artists and depending on who is playing over the stereo – the respective artist plaque illuminates. There were only a couple of us in the room during our tour since we arrived at an off time and had a lot of room to wander back and forth and muse upon those who were featured most prominently. Among the showcased during this segment were the mighty Van Halen, The Sex Pistols, The Eagle and Black Sabbath. The lights get frenetic and the music comes to a thundering crescendo and fades to black. From there the usher leads you into the cinema hall where the story of Rock & Roll is presented for the viewing audience. The theater is spacious and the film rather well done. Images appear on the side walls as well during the presentation that features notables such as Muddy Waters, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley among many others. I won’t spoil the overall fun but will advise that the viewers who are dead center in the theater pay particularly close attention to the Led Zeppelin portion of the film. When the film ends you are guided to the next gallery section. So far we had spent about a half an hour in the place and it was moving quickly.
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