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The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 2013 Inductees Are…..

Now officially in the books but first a little recap on what was brewing this time around.

Some of my blog readers might remember that back in October of this year I jumped into the fray and began offering up my position and viewpoints about The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and their seemingly endless supply of idiocy when it came to the Heavy Rock and Metal providers of the world. My feeling is that if public figures like Eddie Trunk can do it, then why not follow suit for those people interested in what I have to say about it after being a music scribe for almost ten years. It would be my second year in a row as soap boxer so I was getting a little better at it 🙂

rock and roll hall of fame

I knew that by doing this that I would need to stand strong behind my views and that this stuff would get a lot of peoples goat if I lambasted a particular band or had no real clue myself about why they would be included in this Hall (and this I learned very well from some of the comments that people left me on that particular blog post LOL). Honestly, I loved the discourse and felt more connected with some of my readers at the end of the day and you’ve probably already guessed that a posting like this is also a way great way to get some new readers over to the website. I always like that. Anyway, so I posted the nominees in a blog and discussed what merits or lack thereof I felt each of them brought to the table. I was honest and objective and not sitting here stewing with “What the Hell man, they didn’t choose Iron Maiden or Slayer again man!!! That’s bull!!!”. I’m pretty sure that my eventual kids will have kids before we find many of the Heavy Metal bands that we love in this place. Check out that posting to catch up HERE and feel free to comment on those views if you like. It’s always great to know what people think.

So this years nomination process is over and the names for the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees have been announced and here is the run down of them: Lou Adler, Quincy Jones, Heart, Albert King, Public Enemy, Randy Newman, Rush, and Donna Summer. Congratulations to the winners. Now let’s reflect on this a little bit.

Right off the bat I am going to say how happy I am to see Rush included in this years selections because I think that they were very important to Progressive Metal and Rock and proved that you could be technical and heavy and still put out great songs. Yes and ELP were also incredible technicians as bands but they were not nominated and who knows when or if they ever will be. I will take it just the same. I think Heart has always worked hard at the craft and merit inclusion but I am very disappointed to see Joan Jett and The Blackhearts left off the list since they really offered up some quality Rock that was played on the radio more times than I can count but now let’s address the most grievous of this years omissions – Deep Purple. DEEP PURPLE HAS BEEN LOOKED OVER FOR INCLUSION IN THE ROCK HALL!!!!! Are you effing me? Wow talk about legendary and influential contributions to Rock music that still resonate today. You know if you ask some of the Scandinavian folks out there, it seems as though Deep Purple is more important to them than Sabbath and Zeppelin are and that is amazing. True story so it makes sense that the Rock Hall would bypass them. It also makes sense that the “Rock Hall” would put Public Enemy in the place before them and even Donna Summer who is being honored posthumously. Don’t get me wrong as I love me some classic Donna tracks having heard them all my life, but she was the Disco Queen and Disco is NOT ROCK AND ROLL……I stand by this. Feel free to throw tomatoes at me (I need them for salad). It will likely be an amusing induction with the constant repetition of “FLAVA FLAV” and “Yeah Boyeeeee” during the show. I am once again shocked that a Rap group is making it in before KISS but we all know that KISS is not even recognized as important to Rock by these voting parties. Just goes to show you the level of douche canoes that these folks are. That’s just my two cents.

As before I will say again that I really don’t know how this place works and I don’t think many out there do. I do look forward to next year’s public statement against the place that is for sure because a little complaining on these pages lets everyone pitch in. I welcome your comments as long as they are on topic and of course stay tuned for more.

Official Website: http://rockhall.com/

The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2012 Nomination Cluelessness

With so many radio & television personalities in the music industry tossing out their public discontent about the shenanigans that the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame gives us each and every year; I felt that it was high time for the PiercingMetal Blog to offer a take on this as well.

rock and roll hall of fame

To start I would like to thank the committee that sits on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame judging panel for once again providing amusement and numerous levels of argument from the fans of Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Heavy Metal music by offering up a list of nominees that are bound to set people on their ear. I will admit this to you readers very early on because one of my main points of disdain with the Rock Hall comes from their continual oversight of the band KISS who are not only my favorite group of them all, but are also a band that has been eligible for inclusion for about thirteen years. If you don’t know the skinny on how groups become eligible, here is a brief on the process:
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