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Mapping Out Your 2019 “Free Comic Book Day”

As we are a few weeks away from the 2019 “Free Comic Book Day”, I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to talk up some of the issues that most interested me. Now I pretty much lean towards the superhero and science fiction titles if anything but as I glanced at the numerous free provisions that will be out there on that first Saturday in May, noticed some others that were a definite curiousity. I’ve snagged the images from the Official FCDB Website but if you want a deeper overview of what each title is about you should click over to them care of THIS LINK. My plan for this narrative is to group the issues into the “Must Have”, “Would Like To Have” and are “Somewhat Curious” about. Let’s go.

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MUST HAVE: My “MUST” have list is a little longer than I anticipated for this years FCBD and of course I don’t know what my local retailer is limiting customers to. If I can snag “10” and these are all on the shelves I am good to go because with “Avengers” being a hot commodity thanks to the “Avengers: Endgame” film opening up soon this will likely disappear from the shelves. “Deadly Class” has a hot show, and “Spawn” is getting a new movie and who doesn’t love a little “Spider-Man” at the end of the day. A big list but that’s bound to happen.

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