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R.I.P. Rob Doherty (former Into Eternity): (5/5/2012)

I guess that should not have really complained on the PiercingMetal Facebook about my displeasure with all of the unending Memorial Reflections postings that have been needed all too often because here we are once again and only the day after one was put up for The Beastie Boys Adam Yauch. This particular one really hit me as a shocker when I tuned into the Bravewords.com site for some of the latest news and learned how former Into Eternity guitarist Robert Doherty had suddenly passed away. I was stunned.

Rob Doherty, Rocking With Into Eternity (3/20/2005)

I first met Rob back in early 2005 when Into Eternity was opening up for Amorphis at B.B. King Blues Club. I had not yet launched PiercingMetal.com but was just about ready to, and he and the guys were nothing short of excellent to me. NYC was a faraway land to a band from Saskachewan, Canada and I admired their resolve in coming all this way to deliver some Metal. I instantly counted them as my new brothers in the Heavy Metal scene and would always look forward to the next time they would be making a visit to our part of the world. It was without question that I enjoyed what Rob brought to the table with the band and I caught them in concert almost a dozen times over the years. I was bummed when he left the lineup to pursue other interests but after knowing him in Metal for the lifespan of my writing, I have to admit that I am incredibly saddened by his sudden passing. He was an immensely gifted guitar player and he shall be missed.

Rob Doherty Shredding With Into Eternity (8/16/2005)

Rob’s latest project was entitled Final Darkness and he had offered up a video for the song “Ghost”. I have embedded this for all of you to enjoy in his memory. I was looking into getting a copy of this material to review on the site but we had not yet connected about it, and now it looks like one shall be done posthumously. It’s really good stuff so please take a couple of minutes to watch it.

At the time of this memorial toast and reflection, no reason was given for his death other than “suddenly passed away” so on behalf of the PiercingMetal site and its creative players, I send condolences and heartfelt sympathies to his band mates/brothers in Metal, family, friends and the worldwide fans who will never forget him. Rest in Peace Rob, it was a pleasure to know you.

“Fukushima” (Single) by Into Eternity

Artist: Into Eternity
Title: “Fukushima” (Single)
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 2/15/2012
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Rating: 5/5

It’s been about six months or so since I discussed any Into Eternity music with you and for those who might not have seen it, a quick review was penned for the track “Sandstorm” that you can examine on THIS LINK. Since that time the band has gone through a few more changes and the biggest would be the addition of new lead singer Amanda Kiernan to their ranks in place of longtime vocalist Stu Block. This tune “Fukushima” is focused on the nuclear disaster that happened in Japan not too long ago and while it’s a heavy topic for sure, that is something that made this Metal band great. Their tunes were always putting a lot of work into their themes. Here we go with some thoughts on the tune.
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“Buried In Oblivion” by Into Eternity

Artist: Into Eternity
Title: “Buried In Oblivion”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 8/10

If one were to take the technical skills found in music such as Dream Theater and combine them with the type of harmonies typically found in Yes you would get a very interesting band. Now when you take these principles and not only speed them up but include a skillfully placed use of death vocals you have the Canadian band “Into Eternity”. Their CD “Buried In Oblivion” is a non-stop ride of Progressive Metal power from start to finish. I was very impressed with the technical ability of these musicians across the length of the CD and I am happy to report that this is the same level of play one sees in a live performance. In addition to this skill each of the band members sing backup and also provide the dark vocal lines. This tends to make this both a powerful and yet moody piece of music. As I mentioned, the musicianship is very technically based both in guitar riffing and drumming. They work well together and showcase the influences of Progressive forerunners on their playing. The themes covered in the music are not at all based in the brighter side of life; instead they focus more on despair and oblivion. It is effective for the bands musical thoughts as they come to life on the CD.
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