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Marvel Announces “Reckoning War: Trial Of The Watcher” One-Shot

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The Press Release:
It’s a Marvel epic fifteen years in the making! Dan Slott’s long-awaited RECKONING WAR saga begins this February, kicking off in FANTASTIC FOUR: RECKONING WAR ALPHA #1 and then unfolding in the pages of FANTASTIC FOUR. The story will shed light on the First War that rocked the Marvel Universe, a conflict that preceded Asgard, Galactus, and all the heroes you know and love. That war will now reignite and only the Fantastic Four can defend the universe from the chaos it will unleash. Central to the action will be the Watcher who has a shocking tale to tell in RECKONING WAR: TRIAL OF THE WATCHER #1, an upcoming one-shot written by Slott with art by Javier Rodrìguez.

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“Reckoning War: Trial Of The Watcher” #1

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