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PiercingMetal Spotlights: Queensryche

My interest in Queensryche goes a pretty long way back and I can say to the readers that the first time I ever caught them in concert was when they were opening up for KISS on the bands “Animalize” tour. They were supporting their soon to be released masterpiece “Warning” and believe it or not, I couldn’t have cared less that night. This was based on the KISS mania setting in and my not being open to this obviously rising star in the Metal world. I was not alone in this view and that was just how a KISS show worked. You often were bored at any opening band while you waited for the Kings Of The Nighttime World to come out and dominate the stage. Moving ahead a couple of years in time, the chance to see Queensryche again happened when Iron Maiden was on their legendary “Powerslave” tour and for me this was a match made in heaven. I say it like this because the band was winning me over note after note and had the many thousands of fans in Radio City Music Hall pushing their fists into the air as singer Geoff Tate told us to “Take Hold Of The Flame” with a soaring and commanding register. I’ve been a fan ever since that time and have followed them as a band in both my personal life and as that of a music journalist. They pushed the envelope a number of times in their releases and we have reviewed many of their recordings and video films on the site as well as supported their touring efforts. To see any contest that features Queensryche just click their logo below to launch the query that will present all that is resident on the PiercingMetal.com website.

Logo - Queensryche
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Queensryche @ Nokia Theatre Times Square (5/16/2009)

Logo - Queensryche

Artist: Queensryche
Venue: Nokia Theatre Times Square (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 5/16/2009
Label: Rhino Entertainment

To celebrate the release of their new album “American Soldier”, Queensryche had returned to New York City for another performance at The Nokia Theatre in Times Square. When I sit back and think about my experiences with the band at this particular venue, I am starting to feel that I have seen them perform here almost as much as I have seen the band Into Eternity perform at various places all around the city and if you understand the reference then you will know that I mean its been quite a few times. In some sense it is almost as if the legendary Queensryche are the venues house band and in the end it’s a welcome thing since every show is loaded with surprises. Having been an almost yearly event for the Hard Rock and Metal fans of the region the Queensryche shows have been keeping things interesting by focusing on a particular album or theme with each go round. We once saw them performing the two “Mindcrime” releases back to back and on another occasion they had offered up a night of rarities and cover versions blended in with some of their standard classics. I had to say that this was much better than those bands who stick to a particular set list for a couple of tours with only minor changes. Tonight’s festivities would not only be paying attention to the new album but would also wisely offer up extended suites that presented both the “Rage For Order” and “Empire” albums as well. This would amount to a Metal show with three distinct parts and based on this we broke our thoughts up into sections as well to better transfer the vibe of the night.
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“Rage For Order” (remaster) by Queensryche

Artist: Queensryche
Title: “Rage For Order” (remaster)
Label: Capitol Records
Release Date: 5/6/2003
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 7.5/10

Queensryche would not suffer the dreaded “sophomore curse” with their second album but it would not win over all of their fans right away. It was not as much the display of Progressive Metal that their debut was but instead a dark and more somber musical experiment. The dramatic use of keyboards and an emphasis on technological aspects made this a little difficult to appreciate at first listen for the typical Metal fan. However, at the second turn at the music you will find yourself taken to a world that is as dark as it is thought-provoking. Songs like “Walk In The Shadows” and “I Dream In Infrared” were powerful and showcased a different Queensryche than we had experienced on the last album and from their tours. Maturing more and more as time went on, they were proving themselves worthy of holding the torch that was being held high by the likes of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. In 1986 when this album was released both bands were riding a Metal wave that was showing no signs of stopping.
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