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Marillion Announces “Live In The USA” 2018 Dates

The guys in Marillion recently revealed their early 2018 touring plans. I’ve shared the poster, press copy and dates for you below. I’ll close out with some additional editorial thoughts since I’ve been listening to them for a couple of decades now. Take a look.

The Press Release:
Recently crowned Prog Band of the Year by their peers at PROG Magazine, legendary British prog pioneers Marillion, are set to return to the US in the new year announced today. Marillion will headline the next installment of Cruise to the Edge departing the port of Tampa on February 3rd, returning February 8th, immediately followed by nine headlining dates beginning in Orlando at The Plaza Live on Friday, February 9th. Complete routing below. The nine-day run was curated in part by fans as the band will see many cities not visited in more than a decade, if ever. Presale begins today with general onsale on Friday, October 6 (**unless noted below). Fans can visit Marillion.com for more information.

The new single, “Living In F E A R” is available for pre-order now, releasing Friday, October 6. With exclusive packaging, the single will include the newly recorded 4-track version, exclusive live edits of “Living In F E A R” and “The Leavers,” and two songs from the forthcoming limited live issue series. The single will be available in multiple formats including Vinyl and CD on Amazon, digitally on iTunes and in the UK at HMV. The new video for “Living In F E A R” can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lNOv-QVeuo&feature=em-subs_digest.
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Marillion Announces North American Tour For Fall 2016

2015 is coming to a close faster and faster as we head into the holidays and then prepare our musical minds to welcome in the brand new 2016; This fact doesn’t prevent the occasional tour from being announced and while I always love learning that Marillion is planning on some US visits, I admit I was surprised to hear about dates that will not be happening for almost a year. Check out the promo art, press release and disclosed dates below. I’ll return with some more opinion afterward.

Tour - Marillion - 2016

The Press Release:
(December 9, 2015) – Triumphant cries can be heard across the pond as Prog fans celebrate the return of Marillion to North America in 2016 with thirteen dates next fall beginning on Friday, October 21 in San Francisco – full routing below. Special Guest John Wesley will support for the run of dates – a frequent guest at their bi-annual conventions. Tickets will go on sale this Friday, December 11, fans can visit marillion.com for more info on each date.

Marillion will be on the road for much of 2016 in support of their forthcoming 18th studio album releasing in the spring via partnership with PledgeMusic announced earlier this year. The DIY pioneers have had a direct relationship with their devoted following creating a new business model of crowdfunding back in 1997, long before Kickstarter and GoFundMe provided an opportunity for artists and filmmakers alike. For more information on the new album please visit http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/marillion.
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“Carol Of The Bells” (Single) by Marillion

Artist: Marillion
Title: “Carol Of The Bells” (Holiday Single)
Label: Racket Records
Release Date: 12/15/2013
Genre: Holiday
Rating: 4/5

For several years the Neo-Progressive Rock band Marillion have been treating the members of their fan club to an exclusive DVD or CD release that can only be received if you are a part of said club. This is a wonderful holiday present and that alone is a pretty cool thing when you consider just how devoted the bands fans are to their cause. With this year’s offering they opted to release a special holiday single and for the first time ever, it was going to be made available to everyone in the world for a modest purchase price. You exclusive fans still matter very much to the band but in the spirit of the season it’s time for many more to enjoy the music and perhaps begin waiving the same banner than you all are.
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“Vol. 1 – Happiness Is The Road: The Essence” by Marillion

Artist: Marillion
Title: “Happiness Is The Road, Volume 1: The Essence
Label: MVD Audio
Release Date: 10/28/2008
Genre: Progressive Rock
Rating: 3/5

Marillion is definitely proving themselves to be a band that not only continually keeps their fans in releases but also by being a band that confuses these same listeners with the apparent on and off strength of the material they choose to dish out. I say this not as a “Fish Head” even though I loved those years, but as someone who chose to maintain course with the band as Hogarth joined in and delivered a number of amazing but different sounding albums. It was clear from his beginnings in the group that a different direction was being taken and for the most part these early albums were incredible. Steam was lost several years ago with “Radiation” and “Marillion.com” and it seemed to be business as usual with the incredible “Marbles”. Then came “Somewhere Else” and to say that this placid and tedious album was boring would be an understatement. The bands follow up would have to impress me quite a bit I felt and I anxiously awaited the release which came to the listeners this time as two distinct CD’s; Part One being “Essence” and Part Two being “The Hard Shoulder”. My copies were not together like some editions are so I adventured into them one at a time. Here goes nothing.
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Marillion @ Irving Plaza (10/6/2004)

Artist: Marillion
Venue: Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Date: 10-06-2004
Opener: unknown
Label: Racket Records
Genre: Progressive Rock

I have to be quite honest with you in admitting that I attended this show both expecting to be disappointed and for it not to be all that good. I must also say that I was completely wrong on both counts. You might wonder what made me come to such a drastic conclusion so early. Well, Marillion has been a tad difficult to follow here in the United States as it is very hard to get their CD’s which are all imports and hence on the expensive side. The last few albums they released also simply did not do it for me beyond one or two songs. When you add to the fact that they seldom tour the United States you get the picture. All of this was to change tonight. I stopped at a local pub first and ran into some visiting Brits who had actually followed the group from the UK to the USA. That was impressive and after several pints and these enthusiastic Brits I found myself inside a jam-packed Irving Plaza. The Venue is a nice place to see a group as it offers a decent sized floor area and some room on a balcony. Over 1,000 dedicated Marillion fans were in attendance and it was interesting to find out that the trip was fan club supported. This would be the bands first return in about seven years.
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