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“Psycho Cafe” (re-issue) by Bang Tango

Artist: Bang Tango
Title: “Psycho Cafe” (re-issue)
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Release Date: 3/8/2011
Genre: Hard Rock/Funk Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

The world of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock was changing dramatically at the time that Bang Tango made their appearance and started to become a mystery sensation on the MTV Network. If you were a fan of the slowly rising Power Metal you hated this stuff because it knocked that genre to the side and even helped put a lot of the now labeled Traditional Metal and Rock bands off to the wayside as a “new order” was planned by the record companies. The interesting thing about Bang Tango was their getting signed to the powerful MCA Records without even so much as a demo but I guess the phrase of “it pays to know people” can be used for that or perhaps the company just felt there was something big in store for the group. Anyways, despite my own reservations about the bands impact they had a decent amount of fans and now thanks to the folks at Metal Mind Productions they can relive the bands earliest glory as they aimed to make a lasting imprint on Rock and Roll history. The label has re-issued the two full lengths and the live EP that were released on MCA in 1989 through 1991. Looking back on the bands major label debut “Psycho Café”, I had to say that depending on what kind of music you were listening to was going to effect your perception of the band. If you loved the likes of Guns ‘N Roses, and perhaps bands from the Glam side like Faster Pussycat or even L.A. Guns in some sense you might enjoy them but if you were following the Power Metal scene, the popularity of this kind of band was only adding nails in the coffin of your genres visibility. As one of those kinds of listeners, I wanted to hear this band in the here and now and was glad to find the re-issue being done as this was a critical time in music history.
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