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“A Foot In The Door” by Pink Floyd

Artist: Pink Floyd
Title: “A Foot In The Door”
Label: Capitol Records
Release Date: 11/8/2011
Genre: Psychedelic Rock/Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

Before I begin let me explain how difficult it must be to compile a greatest “hits” release for the band Pink Floyd because if you were going to go by the traditional use of the term, the group really only had about a handful of radio hits. If you analyze those you will find that most of them came from the “Dark Side Of The Moon” and “The Wall” releases with only a couple of other examples. Despite this the band has remained one of the most influential of them all and any of the respect they get is rightly deserved. In thinking about my circle of musical friends, I cannot think of one of them who do not enjoy a little Pink Floyd every now and again. Their work is just that good. Earlier in November, the folks at Capitol Records offered the fans of the band a comprehensive collection of remasters in beautiful packaging with a detailed booklet but it would not end there. Depending on how interested in the band you have become over the years there are also two higher priced versions that give you a little more in terms of music and coolness. Here is what I know about them.
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“Why Pink Floyd?” Because EMI Music Said So Is Why…….

Before you continue deeper into this posting let me ask you a question. How many Pink Floyd song’s can you name right now off the top of your head? Now my hope is that you just rattled off about five or six of the main tunes with an additional two rarities for good measure. If you didn’t then you are not really a worthy study of one of the true legends of Rock music and I feel just a little bit bad for you about it. Oh well, let’s continue along shall we.

Having grown up on Pink Floyd and remembering “Dark Side Of The Moon” as one of the earliest albums that I actually ever heard as a growing boy makes this a really exciting post for me to make on the Musings blog. I don’t know about the rest of you but to me this is some seriously cool news. Check it out…..It seems as though the legendary group is offering up remastered editions of their complete catalog (well, almost complete since it seems as though “Is There Anybody Out There”, “Pulse” and I think one other more recent live issue are not a part of the presentation) will be coming out. There are also a number of different configurations of them. I copied the press words right from the mailer that their representatives send to me so you can absorb it in full. Read on.

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Ozric Tentacles @ B.B. King Blues Club (6/21/2006)

Logo - Ozric Tentacles

Artist: Ozric Tentacles
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: unknown
Date: 6/21/2006
Label: Magna Carta Records

I was really looking forward to checking them out in a live setting. For years they had developed a strong underground following in the UK and in recent years have found themselves establishing more of a fanbase in the US with their genre-bending music. It’s tough to categorize the Ozric’s music as they are a unique blend of Psychedelic/Progressive mixed with Techno and a Jam band. Yet even that is not a proper description for as while some will probably think “that’s not Metal!” the Ozrics quickly will show you that being heavy is more about attitude than the now cliché down-tuned guitars chugging away. I admit to being a newbie to the band, with the first album I ever got my hands on being “Spirals In Hyperspace”; Based on this my enthusiasm for the show and interest are perfect for other new fans, here are some of my impressions on the event. The show was at B.B. King Blues Club in NYC, and while there was a decent turnout when they performed I expected more people to be present. The group would be headlining the 2006 NEARFest in Bethlehem PA this coming weekend, so perhaps this was why it wasn’t packed to the doors. Personally, I love seeing a group in a comfortable setting more than a giant place so I felt others had missed out on this shows intmacy Here are my impressions.
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