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“The Pixel Pocket Rocket” by Think Tank Photo

Logo - Think Tank Photo

If you are like most of the photographers that I know, you are probably always wondering how you can best care for your memory cards, business cards and some of those other small accessories that you wander around with in the field. With that being said, those fine folks over at Think Tank Photo have offered up a handy little wallet type folding holder that they call the Pixel Pocket Rocket. Here are a couple of photos of the thing and as you see it looks rather nice when folded up as well as being rather spacious for the cards when you open it up to see how they are stored.

Pixel Pocket Rocket 1

If you are like me, you might not actually have ten memory cards on your person when you do your photography adventures so you will most likely try to see what other kind of things can be stored in the PPR. There is room for some business cards, but not more than about 20 of them. I like carrying a lot of those around with me since I have a website to sell, but you might only need the 20 with you. I would have liked to see a spot where I could place a couple of dollars for those quick instances where I need a buck or two and didn’t want to dig my wallet out of the jacket but there was no such a space. You can fold a bill in a couple of halves and store them like that if you are on the creative side and while its not as precise as I would have liked, I do keep the extra battery for my point and shoot in one of the sleeves. The whole thing closes with a velcro strip and its about 3.5″ inches long and a little over 2 inches wide.
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