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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Official Google+ Fan Page

I’m not going to go into too much detail here since I have already discussed Google+ as a part of these narratives about the myriad of Social Networks that are out there and how they are used to help out the PiercingMetal.com site. It was back in May of 2011 that I first signed up for G+ account using an additional email address related to the website because it never hurts to have an alternate to ones main site email. That was great to connect with those musical types that also used Google+ and it gave me another means of posting our content as soon as it went live on the site. While that was great in the beginning it was not something that was accruing “Likes” or in this sense “Followers” like you want to do in the Social Networking dynamic. Now there is the permission to have what are viewed as the Branded Pages and with that being the case there is a companion Official PiercingMetal Page to serve the needs of those readers who have moved on from Facebook for one reason or another. Clicking the logo graphic above will actually take you to the Google+ Page for the website but before you do that let me tell you how it works for the content that you will be seeing on it.

Google+ is based on the idea of “Circles” that you add and remove users from and with this methodology you can also “Add To Followed Circles” certain brands that you enjoy the offerings of. Visitors can click any of the links that are found on this page and be brought to the website to investigate further. Below each posting is the means to give a “+1” which is the equivalent of a Facebook “Like” along with the means to share the item to your own Circles. We love the idea of plus ones and having articles that interest you most being shared but we really hope that you take a moment and add that Official Page to your “Followed Circles”. What this boils down to is the same status of giving a Facebook Page a like and being able to regularly see its offerings in a specific area of your Google+ account. Right now there are not a lot of users following the page but it is very new and since Google+ itself has taken off very slowly the same applies to any branded pages in there. Since I don’t want you to miss a thing with the site I hope you will add it to your followed circles as soon as possible. I don’t think there is a way to connect our Twitter or Instagram to it as a default action but that would be sweet since it would allow me to indulge your senses with maximum PiercingMetal stuffs with a single click.

I’ve noticed in the WordPress Software that we use for the Official Blog for PiercingMetal (aka “PiercingMetal Musings) that there is an option to share to Google+ so that will be happening with every post going forward. If I can get the site redevelopment plan underway when 2013 rolls around I will be making that a default setting for those review posts as well. Of course if you are still not a fan of doing this the Google way, the Official Facebook Page for PiercingMetal can be found HERE and remember that our Official PiercingMetal Twitter is always a busy place too. Thanks as always for listening and your interest in the workings of the PiercingMetal.com website.

Learn more of the finer details about Google + via its Wikipedia entry HERE.

UPDATE 4/3/2019: In December of 2018, Google announced that they would be putting Google+ to bed and yesterday all consumer accounts and their branded pages ceased to be. I will miss using it for PiercingMetal updates and to reach the audience that found value in the network and with its absence encourage those who are interested in our views and content to come and “Like” the Official Facebook Page. I will see you over there. Thank you Google+, you’ll be missed.

PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Reverbnation

This latest “craze” online is not truly a “Social Network” but something that seems to be a rapidly growing replacement being used by the bands that used to rely on outlets like MySpace to get their music around. It’s name – Reverbnation.

So what is Reverbnation? I have to admit that I was not too sure what it was myself, but then my friend Penguin took me aside and shook me with amazing strength and said “PiercingMetal needs to have a Reverbnation account!!!!” How was I to bypass such a passionate commanding order when the goal was to expand my own reach? When I took time to look into it, I agreed with her as to its usefulness and felt that yes she was correct in my needing a “presence” for PiercingMetal.com on it. So I created an account; oh and by the way there are several different kinds for you to choose from. You can be a “Fan”, a “Label”, “Management”, “Venue” and most important of all “Artist”. At the end of the day PiercingMetal is an online resource and a type of a magazine focused to the genre but there were no such frameworkds for us to use. Yes we are “fans” of the music we report about, but we don’t fall into the conventional fan sense when it comes to dealing with the aforementioned artists, labels and venues. So we created an account using “Artist”.

Before you get cross with me and think my being deceitful on behalf of the brand name, be aware that I did write to their support and said “what do we do”. They scratched their Internet chin a little bit and replied that for now, “Label” seemed to be the best choice to maintain a professional account. Maybe if others who do similar stuff as I do all write to them they will create something a little more accommodating. Anyways, so we have a “half-built” profile as result, and it links off to our Blog, Site, Facebook Page and Twitter account. I would like to use it more, but until some additional changes get implemented I don’t see it happening. I do recommend it for bands for their own works provided they are legally protected first because I don’t think anyone is getting signed off of a MySpace or Facebook Page anymore. I could be wrong, but the working musicians should be a little clearer on what mediums is bearing the most fruit. I wish all of them luck.

UPDATE: 4/105 – I wrote to support to find out what the status was on having a profile that made proper sense for a medium such as my own (since I was told this was a battle plan of their). After a few weeks had gone by with no answer from their teams I feel that option is not coming anytime soon. Good job in answering inquiries Reverbnation, you’ll get no money from my brand that’s for sure.

If you feel like adding PiercingMetal to your own Reverbnation Page please feel free to do so. We don’t mind. You can find the link to us by clicking the logo above. Should you want to learn more about the company itself, please take a look at it’s Wikipedia entry HERE.