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The Chronicles Of PiercingKen Marks Its 7th Anniversary

Greetings my trusty friends in PiercingMetal land, it’s once again time for me to take a pause in the usual proceedings to let you know that my Lifestyle Blog “The Chronicles Of PiercingKen” is now seven years old. That’s 2,555 days worth of online entertainment which touches upon a veritable cornucopia of topics. I’ve said this before and shall repeat that I really enjoy having this creative home away from home because its made my process even more fun and challenging.  For those who’ve read that website, it’s no news to them about my speaking about so many different topics that just don’t belong over on the the music and Pop Culture vibe of PiercingMetal.com – For those folks who are just now hearing about “The Chronicles”, its absolutely loaded to the brim with NYC photos, touristy stuff, food forays, adventures and the occasional music piece that has nothing to do with Metal but still needs to be discussed.  There are times when “The Chronicles” serve as a traffic sign to something on PiercingMetal and of course vice versa.  Are you hungry for more information about the website?  This photo is probably the reason that the notion is hitting you if I had to take a guess.

So about the photo above, if you have never seen one of our anniversary posts before please know that I love being playful with visuals that speak to whatever anniversary we happen to be toasting. Being a pretty much lifelong Brooklyn, NY resident there is nothing quite like a slice of our pizza. Since it’s not really a representation of a “7” I improvised. I can say that its been steady as she goes over on “The Chronicles” and it’s surpassed the “500” posts mark which is pretty cool considering. Since our sixth anniversary there have been a lot more convention posts and some modifications that you can learn all about by clicking the slice of pizza photo above. As much as “The Chronicles” are for our own area readers, its also a blast to direct my far away visitor friends to some things. I love being able to send tourists to our sights when it comes down to it. My goal for the coming year on this site is to surpass the 600th post which was a hope for the 7th year but just not possible based on all we have going on with PiercingMetal.com – it happens.

Now its time to get back to the business at hand. Thanks to all who are finding this other website of mine to their liking. The goal remains simple – to entertain you and to inspire you to look around a little more. For me it’s been a mission accomplished state for awhile and I look forward to keeping it coming. Ciao.

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Toasting Four Years Of “The Chronicles Of PiercingKen.com” (2010-2014)


Now that PiercingMetal.com has been online for nine years, I wanted to take a moment and share the news about my side blog “PiercingKen.com” attaining its own fantastic fourth anniversary. My longer termed readers already know about this site but for those new to the program let me explain just a little bit about it so you are right up to speed with the rest. PiercingKen.com is what amounts to being my slice of life blog that let’s me explore other worlds of photography and ideas that come to my mind across a wide and very varied subject matter. I realize that this is a little vague so I will continue after the photograph.

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PiercingKen’s Glimpse Inside Harley-Davidson Of NYC (12/13/2013)

Several days ago I was invited to be one of the attending press at an called “Black Tie, Black Leather” at the Harley-Davidson of NYC showroom where a whole crop of new machines were being unveiled along with numerous other cool motorcycles and accessories. As this was more of a lifestyle happening, I decided to put all of the reporting over on the PiercingKen.com site since its purpose is to showcase all of the things outside of my Metal world to my readers. Get your motor running over to that post by clicking the showrooms logo below as it will be transport you to that event coverage.

Logo - Harley Davidson of NYC

Oh yeah and in case you wondered why you cannot comment on this signpost, it’s because I have disabled the means to do so on this particular post. Those who might be interested in offering up their topical thoughts to the narratives can do so on the other website under either post they wish.  Our musical year of 2013 is heading towards its end and all I have left on my to do list is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra which is always exciting for me.  See you next time.

Official Website: http://www.nycharleydavidson.com/

Check Out “Islander” by Ville Akseli Juurikkala

Sometimes I do things over on my side website that I want to share with my PiercingMetal.com readers because I feel that it would interest them very much and such was the case with this recent posting about the “Islander” photo exhibit by Ville Akseli Juurikkala. Ville’s name is synonymous with the likes of Nightwish, The 69 Eyes and HIM as far as Finnish music is concerned and has shot numerous photos of them. His exhibit “Islander” however, is a very different look into his creative mind.

Click Invite to see “Islander”

For the next few weeks, Ville will be showcasing a number of photographs from his native land and use the proceeds to raise money to help out efforts on the preservation of the Baltic Sea. The presentation is being held at the Irina Helsinki NYC Concept Store in NYC and I attended the show’s opening night. Since this was not a music related showcase I posted my findings and images over on the PiercingKen.com site and you can enjoy this by clicking the official invitation above. I’ll be back to the regular reviews that you expect on this site after this short commercial break 🙂

Official Website: www.villejuurikkala.fi

“Gretsch Day 2011” Celebration Coverage (6/18/2011)

As a music journalist and photographer I am often fortunate enough to embark on a number of widely varied adventures.  I started this whole passion out just doing reviews of CD’s and some Concerts and eventually expanded into a batch of other things.  The blog you enjoy as an extension of the site allowed me to explore more avenues and interests but even that was not enough at the end of the day.  That led me to launch the PiercingKen.com blog site so I could share more photography adventures and the like with a potentially different readership.  Sometimes there are musical happenings featured over there and that led me to use it for the recent Gretsch Day being celebrated in my Bay Ridge neighborhood.  Since it was not ensconced in the Metal fires that I normally stoke I decided to share it with you all over there.  I also wanted to post this little “direction sign” for you all to be able to get it fast, so just click the logo below to be taken right to it.  It was surely a fun filled day, so I hope you like the presentation.  I welcome you to any of the other offerings as well since it showcases many other aspects of film and life in general as I see it.

Please note that I’ve disabled comments on this particular posting as these words are only a traffic sign to the full article over on my PiercingKen.com website.  Thoughts about the day can be left there should you want to offer up some opinions.

Official Website: http://www.gretsch.comhttp://www.gretsch.com