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Motorhead: Live Photos @ Nikon at Jones Beach Theater (9/16/2015)

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The mighty Motorhead was hitting the beach hard with a wall of sound that sent ripples out to sea. Their show would also feature Anthrax and Crobot and the concert was documented in full on THIS LINK. Here is the photo gallery that we captured during their set.

motorhead, motorhead concert photos
Motorhead by Ken Pierce (2015)
motorhead, motorhead concert photos
Motorhead by Ken Pierce (2015)

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Motorhead @ Nikon at Jones Beach Theater (9/16/2015)

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Artist: Motorhead
Venue: Jones Beach Theater (Wantaugh, NY)
Opener: Anthrax and Crobot
Date: 9/16/2015
Label: Universal Music

When the announcement came that the mighty Motorhead would be doing a summer closing show at Jones Beach Theater I knew that I had to be there because it has been a super long time since I have seen the band in action. Another concern of mine was based on Lemmy showing some seriously scary health issues that have been halting events and keeping the band off the road every now and again for the last year or so. Personally speaking I did feel that Jones Beach Theater was a strange choice of venue for this show that paired “Team Lemmy” with Anthrax and would find support from Crobot because I had seen Slayer with King Diamond here not too long ago and the attendance was marginal if you could even say that. One would hope that with this being the only regional show for New York before the band was off to their Motorboat Cruise that the masses would assemble. When I arrived to the Jones Beach parking lot there were not a whole lot of cars yet and I just assumed that most were getting here for the beginning of Anthrax set. Here we go.

Crobot: Adding to my overall show excitement tonight was the fact that the band Crobot was opening up the shows on this tour. Now I’ve heard the name for a couple of years but for some reason or another I just have not yet managed to catch them in action. I was glad that this was going to end tonight so I could see what some other journalistic friends were all generating the buzz about. The band is a four piece and fronted by Brandon Yeagley who comes off as a modern day hippy rocker from the days of old. Sonically the band has a dirty groove to them and the vibe is like a Psychedelic Riff Rock band when it comes down to it. I had to say that they were really solid in sound and knew their stuff on the stage when it came to rocking out with each other. The bassist performed like a man possessed and you would have thought that he was performing inside a packed to the doors Madison Square Garden and when preacher man vocalist Brandon spoke to you the folks that were wise enough to arrive early were surely being entertained. I would definitely like to catch them again if the means allow and while I know they are a part of the upcoming “Food Truck and Rock Carnival” I am not yet sure I have cleared the necessary credentials to get you the closest and most accurate narrative. Now it was time for Anthrax and of course with that being the case more of the Metal faithful had gotten into place but still when I looked around it was not what I was anticipating.
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Motorhead @ Nikon at Jones Beach Theater

Motorhead will be joined by Anthrax and Crobot for a crushing display of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock power. This is the perfect way to close out ones rocking summer for sure.

Tour - Motorhead - 2015

Motorhead Seeks To Make Summer Hotter With “Bad Magic” 2015 Dates

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Hail Lemmy is all that I have to say because the musician finally seems to be on the mend enough to do some proper touring once more. This news comes after a whole lot of medical issues that would make anyone else cringe under the bed. They are not Lemmy Kilmister. His is a Rock and Roll personage that commands respect and allegiance and now for three weeks of the summer the Metal loyalists will get their chance to study under his riffs. Check out the brief press release and the dates and then I will return with some closing thoughts.

Tour - Motorhead - 2015

The Press Release:
June 16th 2015 – Grammy Award winning iconic rock band Motörhead, who are embarking on a 40th anniversary world tour in support of their upcoming release Bad Magic, have announced a US tour. These North American shows start in mid-August, with Saxon and Anthrax as special guests on select dates, before ending with the now-legendary Motörboat Cruise between Sept 28th – Oct 2nd from Miami, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas. The cruise also features Slayer, Anthrax and a bumper line-up of bands including three exciting new acts, Others, Budderside, and No Words.
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Announcing Motorhead’s “Motorboat” Cruise For 2015

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For the second year in a row Captain Lemmy Kilmister will be guiding the Motorhead’s Motorboat Cruise out onto the high seas where the volume can be turned up so loud that no neighbors can complain. The initial lineup for this years cruise was announced the other day and I am pasting it below for your edification in case you wish to set sail with the lads.

Photo - Motorhead Motorboat - 2015

The Press Copy:
“We are excited to announce the initial artist lineup for Motörhead’s MotörBoat 2015… Slayer band, Official Motörhead, Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies, Hatebreed, Exodus, Crobot, Phil Campbell’s All Starr Band, Motor Sister, Kyng, Fireball Ministry, Huntress and more! Cabins on-sale Wednesday, March 25th at 2:00pm-ET at http://www.MotorheadCruise.com

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Clearly there are Heavy Music cruises and there are heavy music cruises and this one looks to be one of the heaviest of them all as Lemmy gets promoted to Admiral for a few days while making sure all things are louder than everything else on the lido deck. Even though I’ve probably already said that I have never been on one of these music cruises yet this is one that I might just have to break that stand on. The top tier bands alone are worthy of the price of access

Official Websites:
Motorhead: http://www.imotorhead.com
Slayer: http://www.slayer.net
Anthrax: http://www.anthrax.com