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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2013: Day 3 – Part 7

Well hello once again dear readers and fans of NY Comic Con, I am here once again to present another chapter in the adventures that I took at the 2013 event over at Javits Center. Now I’ve been dishing out the Day Three stuff for quite a few days already but as you know this is based on just how busy that particular day is. I spent a fair amount of time in the Artist Alley at this point in the day and was glad to feature all of these creative types. I’ll label as needed but most of the folks have their sign in the photo as well, let’s walk.

ny comic con 2013, ny comic con, nycc 2013

Here’s Danny Fingeroth and he was showcasing a lot of his writing work today for all to enjoy.

ny comic con 2013, ny comic con, nycc 2013
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Reading “The Misadventures Of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors” #4

I’ve been keeping up with my overviews of the issues of the superhero comedy series “The Misadventures Of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors” that I had been given by their writer Patrick Reilly at the 2011 New York Comic Con. Before I get into my thoughts about issue #4, you can peruse what I thought about Issue #1, Issue #2 and Issue #3 by clicking that highlighted text. Now let’s get funny!!!

“Electrolyte & The Justice Purveyors” #4

Issue #4 Overview: We last saw Electrolyte being kidnapped by the forces of Wales and being returned to his villainous corporate citadel after a brief battle with the multiple villain Super 8. It’s hear that we learn that the new plan is for Electrolyte to be cloned and all his powers absorbed by Wales who is once again wearing the hero’s costume. Super 8 lines out his abilities and how they work which gives the hero a look at the potential Achilles heel if he is paying attention but before the entire plot can unfold The Purple Claw returns and saves Electrolyte from harm. The regular Justice Purveyors had their book club meeting and did not come to his aid because they were warned not to miss a night. Pretty funny. Of course Electrolyte is cloned but they are reject models and have powers that are not much use when it comes down to it. As the story progresses the villainous Wales seems to get the upper hand before a union of The Justice Purveyors and The Perfect 4 (now led by a once again confident Mr. Perfect) help to save the day. Overall the tale ends on a high note and finds Electrolyte feeling very heroic, useful and aiming for a bright future.
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Reading “The Misadventures Of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors” #3

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been offering up some overview and opinion on the first two issues of the heroic comedy superhero series “The Misadventures Of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors” that I had gotten my hands on during the 2011 NY Comic Con. Check out the narratives for Issue #1 and Issue #2 by clicking the text and now we continue the process for this title with issue number three.

“Electrolyte & The Justice Purveyors” #3

Issue Three Overview: The issue begins with some righteous ass kicking as Electrolyte, Sparkler and the rest of The Justice Purveyors attempt to stop the villainess Cottonmouth who made her first appearance in the last few pages of issue #2. The new super-villain makes short work of all the heroes who felt that by amping up their fluids by drinking everything in Binge’s Bar would help them. Of course the battle also does find more of Electrolyte’s power coming into play and that is a good thing. His powers were drained back in issue #1 and it was there that we learned that Electrolyte is much more powerful than even he ever imagined. Cottonmouth gets away before being captured and the team encounters a destitute Mr. Perfect whose life has come crumbling down since the events of the first issue. We learn that there is a close association between this fallen hero and the new villain in town and with this information The Justice Purveyors do some hunting to bring her in once and for all. Of course it’s never easy to do something like this and the fighting commences once again and just when you think it’s all been cleared up and solved, our main villain from the first issue returns with reinforcements that will assist in his diabolical plan to steal Electrolyte’s growing powers. The new villain joining in to the fray is Super 8. Let’s see how they get out of this one in issue #4.
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Reading “The Misadventures Of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors” #2

“Megalopolis is a virtually crime-free city. That’s great for the citizens of Megalopolis, but not for its superheroes. Now superheroes must compete against each other for work and no one is more affected by this plight than The Justice Purveyors. Led by Electrolyte, The Justice Purveyors primary stock and trade has been chasing reckless jaywalkers, dealing with drunk and disorderlies, scofflaws and general cases of moral turpitude”.

As previously notes, such is the premise of “The Misadventures Of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors”, a superhero comedy series from writer Patrick Reilly and artist Butch Mapa. We met Patrick at the NY Comic Con back in 2010 and he gave me the first issue for site review. You can examine our review by clicking HERE and now it’s onto the second issue.

“Electrolyte & The Justice Purveyors” #2

Issue Two Overview: The second issue continues around the same future time where our debut issue left off. Sparkler and Electrolyte are an official couple and they have a child together. They also seem to have a guest resident with Scabie who is beginning to get on Electrolyte’s last nerve. The team feels it needs to work on itself and comes to the conclusion that they need a Life Coach of some kind. Their first pick was a popular television one but when they meet him he is nothing more than a hype man for a multi-level marketing scheme. He tries to sign the group onto his team to put him higher on the earning platform but they will not go for it. They then meet up with the Purple Claw who does seem legit at first but really puts the team though ridiculous and demeaning tasks in order to help build their esteem. All of these activities are being done for insidious reasons as the Purple Claw wants to lead the team and the learning’s are being used for the benefit of a new super villain in Electrolyte’s rogue’s gallery, the nefarious Cottonmouth. Her powers are to dry everything up so she essentially amounts to the other side of Electrolyte’s coin. The story ends in a cliffhanger and will surely make issue #3 a fun read.
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