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Image Comics Reveals Final Four “25th Anniversary” February Variant Covers

I’ve been raising a glass in honor of the 2017 25th Anniversary of Image Comics and it wasn’t too long ago that I shared the press release about their special homage variant covers that will be happening in February. Yesterday they unveiled the final four covers that are coming next month and since the copy refreshed the memory on the first bunch I am adding those images back in as well for good measure. The ”Final Four” will be down towards the end of this posting. Check it out.

The Press Copy:
THE FINAL FOUR! Image Comics reveals remaining 25th anniversary tribute variants. Image Comics is thrilled to reveal the final 4 of 15 tribute variants planned for February’s 25th anniversary theme month to round out the full list of “tribute covers” celebrating the legendary cover images from throughout the Image’s history. The newly revealed tribute variants include: Sean Lewis & Hayden Sherman’s THE FEW #2 commemorating Jonathan Hickman & Nick Dragotta’s EAST OF WEST #1, Chris Dingess, Matthew Roberts, Owen Gieni’s MANIFEST DESTINY #26 commemorating Jonathan Layman & Rob Guillory’s CHEW #1, Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda’s MONSTRESS #10 commemorating Todd McFarlane’s SPAWN #1, and OUTCAST BY ROBERT KIRKMAN & PAUL AZACETA #25 commemorating Rob Liefeld’s BRIGADE #1. Each month of Image’s 25th year will announce a list of special themed anniversary variants, which will begin to hit shelves on Wednesday, February 1st—the exact date of Image Comics’ founding in 1992, and the date of this year’s “Image Comics Day.”

Full List of February’s Tribute Variants:

Available in stores on Wednesday, February 1st:

Rick Remender and Wes Craig’s DEADLY CLASS #26 commemorating Marc Silvestri’s CYBER FORCE

“Deadly Class” #26 Variant

Available in stores on Wednesday, February 8th:

Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta’s EAST OF WEST #31 commemorating Rob Liefeld’s TEAM YOUNGBLOOD #19

“East Of West” #31 Variant

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Image Comics Announces $.25 Issues For 25th Anniversary

2017 will mark the 25th Anniversary of Image Comics and I am proud to say that I was one of the companies original supporters. I still remember hitting the local comic store when titles like “Youngblood”, “Spawn” and “Cyber Force” hit the shelves. My friends and I would buy several copies of each first issue of course since we were going to save them forever and be rich old me. Ahh memories. So anyway, in celebration of this awesome anniversary, Image has announced that three titles will have an issue on sale for $.25 and you can read about them below.

The Press Release:
Image Comics/Skybound is pleased to announce that THE WALKING DEAD #163 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, INVINCIBLE #133 by Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley and Nathan Fairbairn, and OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA #25 by Robert Kirkman, Paul Azaceta, and Elizabeth Breitwieser, will all hit stores this February 2017 with a $0.25 price point in celebration of Image Comics’ 25th anniversary.

“The Walking Dead” #163

THE WALKING DEAD #163 begins an all-new story arc and readers are met with the aftermath of the Whisperer War.
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