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“October Rust” by Type O Negative

Artist: Type-O-Negative
Title: “October Rust”
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 8/20/1996
Genre: Gothic Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

The hurricane level of popularity found with “Bloody Kisses” had slowed down enough for Brooklyn’s own Type O Negative to record its eagerly anticipated follow up October Rust. For those who had been following the band since the beginning, you could not argue that they had morphed into something a little more interesting after “SD&H” with “Bloody Kisses” and now they were going to set us on our ear again with “October Rust”. The album brought us a solid recording but it was to date the most musical and definitely the most “atmospheric” of their catalog. Before delving into the tunes that made up this masterpiece we have to address the funny introduction the listener gets. The album begins with “Bad Ground” which is not a song at all but instead a soundscape from Josh that sounds like a misconnected speaker wire. If you’re not paying attention there is actually a chance that you will check your speakers to see what’s the problem. It’s followed by the band who introduce us to the upcoming music and then its onto the music. The themes of this recording were not as heavy and dismal as that which we found on “Bloody Kisses” but instead were more related to that of Dark Romance and mythological adventuring. It also brings new drummer Johnny Kelly to the fold replacing Sal Abruscato who joined Life Of Agony after the last TON record. Kelly’s playing fits right in with the music Steele, Silver & Hickey are doing and none of the progression in music being offered up on the album is lost with his becoming a part of the roster. In fact I think he is a compliment to the band. “Love You To Death” will call to mind a mixture of Cocteau Twins meets The Beatles influences done up with some gloomy Gothic feel and yet it works very well despite all of the odd different mixes. Its as early as this tune that we find the band is going to give us a very different listening experience. This particular tune sounds great in the live sense and initially made me feel that “Black #1” had a sequel.
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