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“Raw” by The Ramones

Artist: Ramones
Title: “Raw”
Label: Image Entertainment
Release Date: 9/28/2004
Genre: Punk Rock
Rating: 7.5/10

The Ramones are the forefathers of the Punk Generation and this DVD from Image Entertainment is a nice way to absorb a great amount of their influential music as well as enjoy a lot of the chaos that went on in their daily touring lives. At times the DVD seems a bit scattered because the way it is put together. It is primarily films shot on tour by drummer Marky Ramone on his recorder and this cuts between either live or studio performances and interviews with the band. A lot of it is amusing because the films capture the antics very well and show that this band of friends enjoyed what they did while they did it. Overall you see that they were pretty much just regular guys from New York City who ended up defining the way Punk Music would be delivered for decades to come. Their popularity around the world is apparent in the large amount of crowd chasing the band in their taxis segments which while amusing I felt were too long. I would have preferred more live music or added interviews. There are however a couple of historic moments featured and most specifically the unveiling of “Joey Ramone Way” which is outside the legendary CBGB’s Club where the band got their start. Sadly 2006 finds the world with three of the Ramones passed on from illness and demons. Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee have all left us leaving only Marky who has been seen as a member of a reunited Misfits most recently. I would have to say that even though this video seems disjointed that the included TV appearances such as Uncle Floyd and an early Howard Stern show comprise a very interesting five hours of footage. It’s a nice amount of stuff for the dollar. A color booklet with the finer details of every included appearance and musical item is included and a good reference to the DVD.
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