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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2013: Day 2 – Part 1

Alright my friends and fellow Comic Book Convention loving maniacs, it’s time to start sharing the adventures that I undertook at the 2013 NY Comic Con. Today was technically the second day of the massive event that dominates The Javits Center and since I was walking this as one of the fans this time around, I had only secured a “3 Day” Pass. Despite losing one day, I felt that we met a wonderful batch of new Cosplay friends and reconnected with a few handfuls of professionals that are always welcome sights at the Con. In order to keep your focus, I’ll be parsing out each post to fifty images apiece. It’s more work for sure but let’s those who want to find themselves do so with more ease. Here we go.

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When I arrived to the Javits Center the lines were already incredibly long but that is nothing new when it comes to this particular event. This year had a new process where you had to tap a screen with your badge when you went in or went out so that added to the wait time but it surely helped prevent those fake badges from getting into the event. While I waited on line I met this charming Aussie lass who kept me company until we both went in and on our separate ways. I guess she was in SHIELD Cosplay.

nycc 2013, ny comic con 2013, ny comic con
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Attention Geeks Of The Universe; NY Comic Con 2013 Begins Today!!

Yes my fine feathered comic book and science fiction geeks in arms, today starts the annual NY Comic Con at the Jacob Javits center and I shall be joining you for the adventure for as much time as possible for me to do. The event is now four days and makes the original three days seem like a cake walk. This year I will not be in attendance as officiating press and will walk through the aisles as one of the regular folks so that should be interesting as well. Of course even without press credentials I’ll be compiling a comprehensive batch of blog postings in order to let you feel as if you were wandering the event with me so please stay tuned for that stuff. I know that I will have sporadic connectivity while inside the Javits so do hold off on any urgent must reach me stuff unless you really need to.

I’ll be hitting NY Comic Con starting with the Friday session so what I have done in the meantime was to program this posting to reflect upon all our past Comic Con coverages with you by suggesting that you click the tag marked “ny comic con” which will bring you to a whole lot of postings and images. Of course there will still be other postings going up as they are queued to run so you will be alright in my absence for sure.

Official Website: http://www.nycomiccon.com