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POSTPONED: Nifelheim @ Saint Vitus Bar

Due to concerns about the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Saint Vitus Bar has closed their doors until further notice. This show is postponed with no rescheduled date at the time of this update. Please refer to this calendar and venue socials for the latest listing updates.

Nifelheim will crush the fans in Greenpoint with their performance at the SVB. They’ll be joined by Panzerfaust and Antichrist. This show is 21+ with proper ID to enter.

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“Envoy Of Lucifer” by Nifelheim

Artist: Nifelheim
Title: “Envoy Of Lucifer”
Label: Regain Records
Release Date: 1/8/2008
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

The great thing about this seventh release from the Swedish band Nifelheim is that it throttles along with some of the textures primarily found in Black Metal but does so with more homage to that of the classic Speed & Thrash Metal from days gone by. While I hate to draw comparisons they reminded me a little of the better stuff that came out of old Venom, but the guys in Nifelheim truly have a lot more in the way of technical chops to their advantage. Led by twin brothers Erik and Per Gustavsson, who are referred to onstage as Tyrant and Hellbutcher in the band, they lead the charge for Satanic glory at a blistering pace. The album “Envoy Of Lucifer” pretty much explains their premise and direction but Hellbutcher’s vocals can actually be deciphered if one takes the time to figure out what he is saying. He growls throughout the whole release and while there is not a clean or melodic vocal to be found anywhere on the album his voice does not bore you or have you annoyed since it’s not one that is over the top ridiculous. The recording starts you off with the “Infernal Flame Of Destruction” and with it you are quickly drawn into the sinister web that Nifelheim is weaving. Their music is powerful, and incredibly fast but not so much by the way of blast beat drumming but instead with the help of some serious guitar fretwork. It’s a great opening track but for me the first tune that caught my attention was “Open The Gates Of Damnation” since for some reason this reminded me a little bit of Immortal. I’m not sure why this was the case but perhaps it was based on the feel of the riff and the way it was being delivered to the listener.
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