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Congratulations to The Ramones On Receiving of The Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award

As a Heavy Metal music fan for more years than I care to disclose I can quickly tell you of how unimportant the Grammy Awards have been to me when it comes to my favorite genre.  They are for the most part clueless in terms of what they are voting on and who ends up winning (the historic Metallica loss to Jethro Tull coming to mind) but since that ill-fated event, the category of “Best Heavy Metal Performance” has been given out and usually hits the mark properly.   They also have a Lifetime Achievement award which was this year given to the legendary New York Punkers – The Ramones.  I had to admit that I was surprised about this based on their original misunderstanding about Metal.  I mean, if they didn’t know that stuff how could they ever recognize Punk Rock.  Still, they did recognize it and gave the award to the band so kudos on that honor.  The photos below come from the front window display of the Guitar Center on 14th Street in Manhattan.  I couldn’t resist trying to share them with the worldwide readership as I passed them by.   I admit that I was glad to find the center offering up their own honor by showcasing some of their historic stuff. Continue reading Congratulations to The Ramones On Receiving of The Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award

New York 80’s Rockers “Takashi” To Reunite/Record In 2011

The fine folks over at Coallier Entertainment asked the PiercingMetal command center to share this little bit of coolness with you all so please dig into this official statement.  I am sure that you will find it interesting.

Classic Takashi Group Shot
Classic Takashi Group Shot

The 80’s rock group TAKASHI announces a return after 30 years …TAKASHI, formed in 1981 will reunite in 2011 to release classic, remastered and new material.

In 1983 Mongol Horde Records released TAKASHI, ALIEN, THOR and VIRGIN STEELE. TAKASHI’s Kamikaze Killers release received great press from such noted magazines such as Kerrang, Hit Parader and more. TAKASHI supported dates for Metallica on the Kill’em All Tour, Twisted Sister, Anthrax, Joe Perry and more. All the members of TAKASHI have remained active in the music business.

Today, frontman Danny Stanton is president of Coallier Entertainment in NYC which handles, and or works with artists such as Twisted Sister, Ace Frehley, Lita Ford, Sebastian Bach, Steve Augeri, and many more…Danny is also owner of Diamond Drop Recording Studio’s and Evolution Sound Stage in New York.  Craig Cory (then, Khoury) still writes and records while rocking the Las Vegas music scene with his band and company CK Productions.  Bob “Space” Simonson has worked with Public Enemy, Terminator X, Advanced Idea Mechanixx and continues to produce and record.  Tom Cangemi owns a production company for artist development in Colorado and continues to produce, write and engineer. Some of Tommy’s credits include Mandy Moore, Willa Ford, LFO, as well as Jingles and commercials for Budwiser, 20th Century Fox, Gap, the TV series Charmed and more.
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Cocaine The Band @ The Theatres (6/13/2008)

Logo - Cocaine

Artist: Cocaine
Venue: The Theatres (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 6/13/2008
Label: Independent Artist

Having caught one of their dress rehearsals when the band was just getting back into the swing of their craft after only a couple of months of reunion time, I found myself intrigued enough to watch the calendar for the chance to go rock out with them again. I had expected to see them performing at one of the locale watering holes because it fit the bands image but instead of a typical venue I would find them deep in the recesses of “The Theaters”. The building itself seems to house two full stage areas with ample seating and tonight in the basement section an off-Broadway independent performance called “Eightballs” was taking place. It was more than appropriate that a band like Cocaine would be drawn to this and if there was mayhem to be had you could count on lead singer Coco Caine to be the girl in charge of it. Now for the continuing adventures of the Glam Rock sensation that’s hitting the nation – Cocaine!!!
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Cocaine – The Band @ Ace Of Clubs (4/23/2008)

Logo - Cocaine

Artist: Cocaine, The Band
Venue: Ace Of Clubs (New York, NY)
Date: 4/23/2008
Label: Independent

While it’s not possible to get myself to every single show that happens in the New York City music scene, the readers of the site and the PiercingMetal Musings blog know full well that I do my damnedest to keep them aware and entertained about that which goes on when the workaday world has thankfully gone away. Living in the Big Apple affords a person the chance to find interesting bands at a number of locations and an experience that often leaves you thinking that you partook in something quite special when it came down to it. Such would be the case when I heard about a hastily set up performance by the band Cocaine. Younger music fans might not remember the “Big Eighties” and the decadence that surrounded it and its imagery only a distant memory to those masses that actually lived through it. It was during these carefree years that Cocaine was on the fast road to success and literally blowing away the competition by the kilo. Bands who worked the same stages were often left dazed in clouds of mysterious powder but on this I will say no more. The future seemed promising when a managerial decision opted to freeze them in time and return them to us in the future when the music scene was not too grungy or faced with boy bands ad nausea. The bands return would come in 2008 and I heard mumblings about some quick appearances, one of which would be at Ace Of Clubs, a solid venue located beneath one of my favorite dinner spots in New York City – the Acme restaurant. I hastily made my way over there and kicked back a stellar pint of the restaurants home brew just in time to find the band arriving and to be honest no one looked any worse the wear after being frozen for so long. Guitarist Husko, bassist Jerko and drummer Marco all bear the same last name of “Caine” yet to my knowledge none of them are related to the ultimate Rock Diva herself Coco.
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Carnivore @ B.B. King Blues Club (9/6/2006)

Logo - Carnivore

Artist: Carnivore
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: unknown
Date: 9/6/2006
Label: Independent

In the days before he formed Type-O-Negative, Peter Steele was the leader of the Post-Apocalyptic Barbarians known as Carnivore. It was a band that was as brutal in sound as they were in appearance and their shows back in the Metal heyday of 1985 were described as being among the craziest to ever witness. The group was often clad in animal skins and various armor implements during their shows and at times, they even brandished weapons as well as their guitars. They would incite their fans into frenzy by throwing raw meat into the audience and even drench them with real blood (and this was not the water paint that Gwar would come to use). It was safe to assume if you attended a Carnivore show that you would remember it for a very long time. Releasing two albums on Roadrunner Records (“Carnivore” and “Retaliation” ) the band was ahead of its time with some of the most intense and brutal Thrash Metal to be heard – musically it was a mix of Thrash with Hardcore Punk meets the NWOBHM styled music you were finding at the time. The bands music was powerful and at the same time incendiary, as songs like “Angry Neurotic Catholics” and “Jesus Hitler” played upon peoples religious, political views while “Ground Zero Brooklyn”, and “Armageddon” warned of life after the Big One goes off.
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