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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2012: Day 2; Part 1

I have to admit that I was raring to go for the second day session of NY Comic Con and perhaps it was partially based on the dose of Music Scribe energy that was infused into me by seeing two amazing KISS appearances and the fact that the first day is not a super long one anyway. Yet here I was heading down to the Javits and talking to those around me as we plotted and planned for the adventure. My plan would be for some serious exploration today and get a lot out of the way since the Saturday session is always mayhem, and as I wandered closer, I met a charming Elektra Cosplayer. Nice girl who did a fine job on her outfit and even had a pair of Sai with her. My other plan was to get a lot of Instagram shots today and if I did not mention I was doing this in yesterdays summation I apologize. Let’s get rocking.

nycc 2012, ny comic con, ny comic con 2012
Elektra Cosplay

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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2011: Day 1; Part 1

It was that time of the year again. The Fall weather had just essentially started to make itself known over here on the East Coast and as October worked towards its middle, the Sixth Annual NY Comic Con would take over the massive Jacob Javits Center for the next four days. Four days you say? Yes, you are reading that correctly because this time around the event would move its Press and Professionals only access to a day before the masses arrive and also open it up to those lucky enough to purchase one of the limited edition four day passes. As expected I would be braving this mega-event as a member of the press but this time I would be joined by our good friend and comrade in arms Peter Parrella, who many know by the name Skeleton Pete. As I would be attending all four days of the Con, I would be taking a lot of photos and hence giving you a lot more to digest. Last year’s coverage was served up in several different portions per day and I will strive to do that again. On your mark, get set……..GO!!!!!

ny comic con, ny comic con 2011, nycc 2011
The Official NY Comic Con Press Pass

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