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The Judas Priest Name Generator Makes Your Name A Real “Painkiller”

judas priest logo

Before I begin this little bit of fun I have to tell you or remind you about if you are among those who might have forgotten this notion about me; I am a big fan of the legendary Judas Priest. So I always tell people that I have three favorite bands and they are KISS, Van Halen and Judas Priest and before you think the third spot is a slight it’s an even “2” for me as KISS always seems to be the top tier. Both Halen and Priest are the same level IMHO and that’s what makes this installment into the content library of PiercingMetal.com so much fun. Do you remember a couple of years ago when we posted about that Metallica Name Generator? Whichever your answer was doesn’t matter since I will link to that later on in the post. In honor of the bands brand-new album “Firepower” there is now a Name Generator to get your own letters or maybe even your bands name in the same font as Judas Priest. As expected I ran this for the PiercingMetal site and think that I like that one even more than I do the one for Metallica. Take a look down below.

piercingmetal judas priest logo
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The Metallica Name Generator Lets Your Name “Ride The Lightning”

metallica logo

Though I strive to be one of those objective journalistic sorts for the world of Metal and Pop Culture, there is always some time for a little bit of fun. This notion comes not long after the release of the brand-new album by the mighty Metallica which is called “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct”. Having heard some of the tracks already I can safely inform you that it’s a killer if you were still unsure about picking it up or not. I figure if you cannot trust someone whose job it is to inform you about things then who can you trust but enough about this new album. This post is to discuss some logo generating fun with you all because you see Metallica has offered up a Name Generator for you to play with in your free time. Yes, you’ve read that correctly – you too can have your name in the same font as Metallica. I’ve already done one for PiercingMetal.com and plan on using it on our social networks. What do you think? Am I now the Master of Puppets of website creators? I realize that this was almost as corny as our posts subject but you should have seen the ones that I left out of this narrative.

piercingmetal metallica logo
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