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PiercingMetal Celebrates Eighteen Years Online (2005-2023)

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In one of Alice Cooper’s signature tunes he sings that “I’m Eighteen and I Like It” and believe it or not today marks the 18th anniversary of PiercingMetal’s online life. Yes my friends I launched this humble enterprise on this very day back in 2005 and over those years so much has been written, photographed, discussed, given away and shared with you all. The changes in site aesthetics and overall content has changed dramatically but for the better and the base of things being added to the mix has grown exponentially. We’ve maintained the use of WordPress as our base software and as of this post have just hit our 8300th post. I had hoped to reach 9K by this anniversary but this will do just fine. The aforementioned changes had been instrumental in what our coverage base is and now the site focuses on three distinct areas – Features, Pop Culture and Reviews. Each has a number of sub-categories that succinctly organize the content for your convenience.

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PiercingMetal Celebrates Seventeen Years Online (2005-2022)

Greetings and felicitations my friends, it seems that its that time of the year once again and I’m here to share the news that the PiercingMetal.com website has successfully completed another year on the Internet and is celebrating its 17th Anniversary of launch today this 4/4/2022. I used to go a bit long with these missives but I’ll try to stick the biggest points and the most important thoughts about it all on this 17th Anniversary. Truth be told, after doing this kind of post for a number of years it gets harder and harder to do them because how much different can each subsequent summary be after doing them year after year. So truly, seventeen years is quite a bit of time to be publishing something like this so let’s recap a little bit about the overall history before I get back to the regularly scheduled content creating.

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PiercingMetal Celebrates Sixteen Years Online (2005-2021)

Hello my friends, I’m here to share the news that the PiercingMetal.com website has successfully completed another go around the sun and is celebrating the 16th Anniversary of today launch today this 4/4/2021. It’s also Easter Sunday today so “Happy Easter” to those readers who are celebrating that holiday along with us. Now as the more tenured readership might remember, I generally line out a whole bunch of details about the site for the newbies and celebrate with a host of themed numeric visuals. However, this time around I’m going to keep it rather simple because its been a very busy few weeks and the to do list for the coming days is growing exponentially. I’m sure you’ll understand my preference in keeping you entertained as opposed to spending too much time on what’s come before. Of course a quick recap of the past year is in order.

2020 found the world at large changing and yet despite the lack of concerts, special events and conventions to attend past the month of March I made sure to keep a consistent posting regimen here on PiercingMetal and our companion site “The Chronicles” of Piercing Ken. When I added it all up it amounted to more than 600 published posts from March 8th 2020 until now across the two outlets. The posts are in addition to any of the YouTube video clips and Instagram posts that were created along with dedicated use of the Facebook and Twitter profiles for the brands. This practice has not stopped as 2021 passes its first quarter. So what’s next? Let me brief you on some plans.
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PiercingMetal Celebrates Fifteen Years Online (2005-2020)

Believe it or not, today is the 15th Anniversary of the PiercingMetal.com website. That’s 180 months or 5475 days or 131,400 hours depending on how you like to look at things. As a numbers guy I always find it amusing to showcase a length of time in that fashion. So here we are and what a world this is at the moment. Back in February, I was making plans for this anniversary with friends as it was supposed to be a super-duper busy one. There were tours like Tyr, Mayhem and Life Of Agony coming through on this weekend along with the Big Apple Comic Con and instead of a flurry of activity the city and actually the world at large are hunkered down trying to be safe from this dreaded Coronavirus Pandemic. Those and numerous other events were postponed for the duration and some cancelled in full during this very precarious time. My annual photo for this anniversary reflects the time spent and the current necessities.

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PiercingMetal Celebrates Fourteen Years Online (2005-2019)

Greetings and Happy Thursday my Friends, I’m excited to share the news that today is the 14th birthday of the PiercingMetal website. So much has changed here since we first announced the domains existence to the masses some 5,110 days ago and I am happy to also say that it’s been busier than ever at the Metal Media Command HQ in terms of things to do and share with those who find our voice interesting to them. Legacy readers might remember the visual down below when the premise was a lot more simple and straight forward.

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Back in 2005 it was only going to be reviews and photography but so many changes have happened since I brazenly referred to it as “New York’s Definitive Metal Resource” and quite honestly that was our Developers idea and no one wants to argue with the person building the thing so it stuck. I lined out a majority of the brands changes in last year’s birthday announcement (seen HERE for reference) and in the interest of time on a very busy morning for me, I will not repeat them. I will say that I did make some cosmetic changes and have filed all of our content under what amount to three distinct disciplines. There are Reviews, Features and Pop Culture sections and each of them bring worlds of awesome to your device of choice. As I compose this update for you, there are more than 6,200 posts to enjoy and I’ve scheduled 10 more to go live in the coming days. My plan is to push the content base past the 6.5K mark by the end of the year but a lot of factors are involved in doing something like that. Since news happens every day and I find myself toiling at the keys in response its probably doable even before the year ends so let the challenge begin. In any event, the new tagline going forward is “Where Heavy Music and Pop Culture Collide” and I feel it sums up what we are about even better than ever before.
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