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Nuclear Blast Presents: “Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean” Live by Nightwish

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I guess it was just about a month ago when we helped to share the news about the upcoming Nightwish live concert video and album entitled “Decades Live In Buenos Aires” and now we have a clip from the concert to share with you for the song “Devil and The Deep Dark Ocean”. The song hails from the bands second album “Oceanborn” which was released in 1999. If you want to learn more about the upcoming release just click HERE for the lowdown and all of the different formats that you can get it in. Now it’s time to sit back and watch the video together.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Historically speaking I’ve been listening to Nightwish since that second album and I even caught their first-ever NYC show when the band played the famous L’Amour club. My tenure as a fan has been so long that there wasn’t even a PiercingMetal yet for those who needed a reference point. Watching this video made me mentally relive the exciting concert that I witnessed last year at the Playstation Theater. It was the second time that Nightwish had played their and now with this venue closing its doors in December it can never happen again. Seeing them perform for an excited crowd in Buenos Aires is amazing because the overall sound of Nightwish is BIG and quite powerful. Everyone sounds amazing in the clip and it just made me more excited about owning a copy of this release when it hits the streets in December. Having seen some posts about European tours for the band one can only imagine that a US run will be announced in due time and when that happens my friends you should not waste any time in getting a ticket.

Official Website: http://www.nightwish.com

Visualize “Love Is Your Name” Video by Steven Tyler

Logo - Steven Tyler

I’ve been listening to this recently released Country track by the great Steven Tyler and with its video making the rounds for the last couple of weeks I wanted to be sure to toss it up here for all of you to enjoy as well provided you have not yet seen it. The tune is written by Eric Paslay and Lindsey Lee, it is the first single from Tyler’s forthcoming debut solo album. Fans can expect this album to arrive before the end of 2015. Dig in.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve been a fan of Aerosmith and Steven Tyler for many, many years now and I love the groove of this track. Yes its got a strong Country vibe but there is also a bit of rousing Rock to it as well. The clip is shot beautifully and showcases a bunch of people enjoying good times around the singer while he delivers the track. For sure this is a feel good tune and a great way to introduce us to his upcoming solo album. One has to wonder if the whole release will be following suit or shall have a mixed bag of variety to enjoy. Fans that watched the final episode of this years “American Idol” program will remember seeing Tyler perform this with Jax, who was the third place finisher for the reality singing competition. I hope the release of the full record finds Tyler doing a small tour of solo dates as that would be a lot of fun. What do you think of this tune? Let me know in the comments section below. You can also order the single via the Amazon.com link that I have placed below the website URL.

Official Website: http://www.steventyler.com

Be Stunned By Kobra And The Lotus’ “Black Velvet” Video

Logo - Kobra and The Lotus

Alright so I admit to being a little behind in this one because the spectacular Kobra and The Lotus had actually unveiled this video for their cover of “Black Velvet” a few weeks ago. Its an Alannah Myles recorded tune that was penned by Christopher Ward and David Tyson. Its going to be one of the tunes on the bands forthcoming effort “Words Of The Prophets” which is an album of Canadian centric cover tunes. In case you didn’t catch this already, the title itself is a line from Rush’s “Spirit Of Radio” which the band is also doing but I’ll discuss that when it comes down to the album review in a couple of months. Let’s watch the video and chat a little more afterward.

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Ghost Introduces “Cirice” To Their Loyal Flock

Logo - Ghost

This new clip from the band Ghost was actually posted a few days ago over on Vevo so I apologize for any delay in my presenting it to you readers who might be loyal members of their flock. It’s for the recently unveiled track “Cirice” which will be found on their upcoming third album “Meliora” and this is now the perfect compliment addition to my quick discussion of the bands North American touring announcement which I spoke of HERE in case you missed it. Check it out and then I will toss some thoughts into the mix.

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Reflecting On “Friday Night Videos” 1983

I was surfing around researching something entirely different when I found myself on the Wikipedia entry for “Friday Night Videos” and when I learned that the debut episodes thirtieth anniversary was coming up, I decided to type up something in its honor and have it go live now 🙂 Such are the benefits of the queuing process.

Logo - Friday Night Videos

I’m toasting this because I didn’t have MTV for quite some time back in these bygone days and that meant the only way that I was enjoying videos was on a program like this. Thanks to the existence of “Friday Night Videos” I saw premieres of Van Halen videos, Twisted Sister videos, Def Leppard, ZZ Top and even your New Wave greats of Duran Duran and Billy Idol. Don’t laugh because those groups made some awesome videos. These little films don’t seem to be as valuable as they once were in today’s market but I had to say that I loved all the classic ones and am glad we have DVD’s of them and YouTube were some folks have converted their legacy VHS tapes. That said I should probably do that sometime since I think I have about ten tapes of classic videos. Yeah I was “that guy” but so many of my friends were as well. Read up about the program itself via its Wiki entry below. Thanks Friday Night Videos for helping keep my Metal and Rock interests on the proper path 🙂

Official Show Wiki Entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_Night_Videos