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Metal Blade Records Presents: Behemoth “The Satanist” Live Video

If you’ve never witnessed the crushing brutality that is the band Behemoth, then you’re going to want to maximize this next video on your screen and indulge as Metal Blade Records presents the band doing their song “The Satanist” in concert. The clip hails from their forthcoming video and CD release “Messe Noire”. You’ve been warned.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I don’t have much to add here other than the fact that while this is a solid delivery and execution of the title track from their “The Satanist” album; there is truly no better way to experience Behemoth than with your own eyes in a club where they might be playing. I wouldn’t recommend that the newbies stand too close to the stage since the crowd surfing can get out of hand, but standing on the periphery of it all or viewing down from up above is worth doing. I’ve been seeing Behemoth in concert since 2004 unless I am off a year and its always an experience that leaves me exhausted but wanting more. I’ve even been fortunate enough to have met the guys over the years and to have covered their work here on the website. Just click THIS LINK to open up any posts that refer to them. You’ll find a little bit of everything by doing that and most posts have links to Amazon.com purchase points to spark your grabbing the credit card. Currently, Behemoth is one of the many bands that are supporting the final tour by Slayer. They are on the first leg and if you’ve interest in catching them you better act fast or risk missing out on it. “Messe Noire” will hit the streets in April.

Official Website: http://www.behemoth.pl

A Halloween Treat from Edge Of Paradise’s Margarita Monet w “Sally’s Song”

Logo - Edge Of Paradise

I’ve enjoyed the music of Edge Of Paradise for a few years now and always love the occasional treat that they put together for special occasions. Recently, lead singer Margarita Monet worked out a composition of “Sally’s Song” by Danny Elfman. The song originally appeared in the blockbuster animated features “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and I am happy to share the video with you all right now. Check it out and then I will get you some additional details.

About The Video: Who better to ask about the video but Miss Monet herself and when I spoke to her about the clip she said “I was always a big fan of Nightmare Before Christmas growing up, I love the imagery, the mood the film creates and theatricality of it! All the recording was done at our home studio, I arranged the instrumentation on keyboards and sang it. I customized my costume and had some fun with the makeup smile emoticon. Video was shot by Val Rassi and Karim Youseff. We had a great time making this video, so hope you guys enjoy it! Happy Halloween!”
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