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“Music For Hangovers” by Cheap Trick

Artist: Cheap Trick
Title: “Music For Hangovers”
Label: Rhino Entertainment
Release Date: 3/26/2002
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

Filmed over the course of a four night appearance at Chicago’s Metro club, “Music For Hangovers” is an interesting DVD film from the band Cheap Trick. The shows that the footage was culled from found the band celebrating the release of remastered editions of their first four albums (“Cheap Trick”, “In Color”, “Heaven Tonight” and “Dream Police”) and as result features songs from all of these recordings. For those fans lucky enough to be a part of the four performance affair they enjoyed each album being delivered in its entirety but that is not what we end up with on the resulting DVD. Instead of giving the viewer a double disc affair that featured the complete shows across the four nights we get fourteen selections from the span of shows on one disc. This is effective in some sense but since the realm of DVD offers a lot more in the way of time the large amount of omission takes away from the importance of these shows in Cheap Trick history. It’s not often we find a band not only celebrating their re-issued releases, but even more remote are the instances where the entire album is presented for their loving fans. I enjoyed the film enough because it included quite a bit of the songs that I grew up on and loved very much but the delivery of the footage is not even done in sequence and instead goes back and forth over the days. With this being the case we see quite a bit of wardrobe swaps and some might be thinking that this is distracting. It might have been better to start at the first night, then continue to follow suit as the event progressed.
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