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PiercingMetal Sees “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” @ Alpine Cinemas

Hey readers, so I wanted to offer up my quick thoughts about the just recently released “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” film which actually only opened up a few days ago. In the past I have waited a couple of weeks before doing this kind of summary but with the film getting a superb Box Office performance and having some truly amazing scenes I wanted to toss my hat into the ring about it. Though I had originally planned on seeing this in the city, I would end up in the Bay Ridge Alpine Cinemas instead. Movie time.

Now it’s important to to realize that this is a story that takes place post “Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith” and pre “Star Wars: A New Hope” (the latter of which was only called “Star Wars” way back in the original film release. Here is the brief premise from the films Wikipedia entry.

“After the formation of the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance recruits Jyn Erso to work with a team including Cassian Andor to steal the design schematics of the Empire’s new superweapon, the Death Star”.

I went to the second matinee showing in my theater and thanks to a very slow line of dishing out the tickets along with a customer who seemed to be purchasing bonds instead of a simple movie ticket, I missed a few minutes at the very beginning and came into the film where we see an adult Jyn Erso. Had I arrived earlier as planned I would have seen some scenes when she was younger. Oh well. The lack of any trailers before the film made this happen more than my train being a tad slow. Jyn is played by Felicity Jones and she will surely become a fan favorite after this one.

We meet The Rebellion who mostly go by The Resistance at this point who are seeking to be free of the Galactic Empire based on the overall tyranny that they are laying down on the galaxy and with this film we go to worlds one might have only read about in the Star Wars novels that while not direct tie-ins, do feature some connected plot lines. Jyn and pilot Cassian Andor played by Diego Luna, learn what the Empire is up to on a planet called Jedha and since this involved the ready to wreak havoc Death Star, the galaxy’s freedom will be short-lived.

As I don’t wish to spoil too much of the film I will say that this is loaded with new and very awesome characters and some truly exciting battle scenes. The villainy of the Galactic Empire seems dire as it should be and you know we are seeing Darth Vader in this one and believe me his scenes are excellent. The character is used just enough to send a chill down your spine and as a friend said to me after he had seen it, the film’s final five minutes are worthy of the price of admission. There are a few Easter eggs in the film so keep your eyes peeled for them and since this precedes the original trilogy there are moments where you will smile and say “oh yeah”. I greatly enjoyed this one and will likely go again and see how the 3D aspect of it is. I generally do NOT spend the extra money on the 3D as its usually not worth it to me. You might feel different and enjoy all of your films in this manner. To each their own. The talented cast is rounded out by Ben Mendelsohn as Orson Krennic, Donnie Yen as Chirrut Îmwe, Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso, Alan Tudyk as K-2SO, Jiang Wen as Baze Malbus, Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera, Riz Ahmed plays Bodhi Rook. Outside of Jyn’s character my favorites in the film were the new droid K-2, Donnie Yen’s Chirrut Imwe and of course Lord Darth Vader.

Since this happens before the original Star Wars film, you know that The Rebels end up with the plans for the Death Star and what happened to it at the end. It’s learning what they went through to get these plans that makes “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” so awesome. My hope is that we see other films across the timeline of the canon going forward. Stuff that shows characters we know and love in different adventures that while of the same framework only connect so much “back then”. See this film and enjoy it with fellow Star Wars geeks. There are NO bonus scenes for you to wait for once it completes. Based on where we are in the year, this seems to be the last film that I will see in the theater and hence final movie review posting for the year as well. 2017 sure is going to have a lot of the films that our demographic is tuned into so I am looking forward to continuing the angle whenever possible.

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogue_One

PiercingMetal Sees “Shin Godzilla” aka “Godzilla Resurgence” @ AMC Empire 25


“Shin Godzilla” is the latest film featuring the King Of The Monsters and the 31st to feature the famous Kaiju. 29 films came care of the Toho Studios people while two were American made features. You might recall the dismal “Godzilla” with Matthew Broderick from 1998 along with the 2014 reboot of that which was also called “Godzilla”. That wasn’t as bad by comparison. Now I got to see this film a couple of weeks ago at the VIP Screening that was held before the NY Comic Con thanks to Funimation but since it was not opening to the public for a few more days I held back on the personal overview since I knew it would have some spoiler stuff in the narrative. Now that’s its opened and run the course, I can safely do that. Here we go.

Our adventure begins with a sort of Japanese Coast Guard examining an abandoned boat and while they are looking around the vessel, something appears to attack them and while it seems unexplained to the masses back on land, we viewers know in our hearts that its Godzilla giving a first “hello”. We then find ourselves in a conference room in Japan where so much back and forth discussion is given. The film is almost entirely in Japanese (there are some English moments but not many) and as result we have sub-titles to read as it all goes by. Is it a volcano is it an underground earthquake or some kind of explosion are par for the course in the discussion and there is a whole lot of discussion going on. There is almost 20 minutes of straight discourse with not a single piece of destructive action. I tell you my eyes were keeping busy reading all the sub-titles. This film is considered to be a reboot of the classic film that starred Raymond Burr so the people of Japan were seeing the monster for the very first time in these now modern 2016 times. I guess everyone’s Facebook status was pretty troubling to read and their Instagram’s on the terrifying side.
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PiercingMetal Sees “Suicide Squad” @ Alpine Cinemas

Hey there readers so “Suicide Squad” opened just over two weeks ago at the time of this writing and since I am aiming at doing a lot more movie reviews when they are still in theaters here we are. I usually hit these films with our stalwart media companion Skeleton Pete but he couldn’t join me this time around. With this film, I decided to keep it local and went to the Alpine Theater in my own Bay Ridge neighborhood which was a better idea since the price of my ticket and some snacks were about the same as the ticket only at the Manhattan theater. Let’s go to the movies.

For those who are in the unaware, “Suicide Squad” is the third film in the currently being built DC Extended Universe. This began with “Man Of Steel” and continued into “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” which was released earlier this year and since that last one was received with a very mixed and negative opinion, one could only cross their fingers about this one and to briefly recap its premise, here is what the Wiki had to say about the film’s bottom line.
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PiercingMetal Sees “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” @ Regal Union Square Stadium 14

Okay readers, so this one I am rushing to get to your attention because “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” opened only a few days ago and its being met with a whole lot of negativity if you can believe that. Since we love these super-hero films here at the PiercingMetal Command HQ, I wanted to give you the low down and would be checking this one out at the Regal Cinema in Union Square. This is the same place that Skeleton Pete and I caught “Deadpool” a few weeks ago and he’d be joining me for this one as well. Here we go.

“Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” continues the building of what is now being called the DC Extended Universe. If that confuses you just remember what Marvel is doing with all of their films and how they are connecting and building a cohesive universe for the sake of better story-telling. We’ve had Batman and Superman films up the wazoo for many years but now this is all going in a single direction. Here is the plot of the feature in the event you were not up on it 100%.

Following the events after Man of Steel, Gotham City-based vigilante Batman travels to Metropolis to preemptively combat Superman, fearing what would happen if the latter is kept unchecked. Meanwhile, another threat in the form of the powerful destructive monster “Doomsday”, created from General Zod’s corpse by the young manipulative LexCorp CEO, Lex Luthor, quickly endangers humankind even more than before. In order to stop Luthor and his creation from destroying everything, Batman and Superman must put their differences and their showdown aside, and join forces with other beings like Wonder Woman to fight their real enemies.

As the film began I wondered just how much the trailers managed to ruin since there were quite a few of them and each got longer and seemed to show more and more of what I view as “the cool parts”. For instance, the long Batman scene where he is fighting a cadre of hoodlums. Clearly this is central to the overall plot so I was surprised to see it in full well before sitting here in the theater munching on some over-priced popcorn. Since I think every comics fan knows how Batman began and his endless quest after the murder of his parents in a dark alley one foreboding night I don’t think I am spoiling anything by saying that we get a short glimpse of that. Our Batman in the film is played by Ben Affleck who a lot of my friends were really reticent about but I wanted to give him a chance even if he did prevent a second “Daredevil” film from being made some years ago. We shift over to a long desert scene and some antics of Lois Lane (Amy Adams) who needs to be rescued by Superman as usual. The actions of the big boy scout are put under scrutiny and this gives us a morose and rather brooding unconfident Supes. That made no sense to me. Our Batman in the film is older and more seasoned and hence also a lot less trusting and more cynical.

Eventually they meet out of costume which you also saw in a trailer and we meet Luthor who in my honest opinion was more like The Joker based on his actions and attitude. This is not the Luthor I grew up reading about in the comics. The meeting event also gives us a first glimpse at Diana (played by Gal Gadot). It’s here that we get more and more and more backstory before any additional action takes place. There is a great chase scene with Batman and we saw part of that in the trailers where he is threatened by Superman. The bottom line is that Batman thinks that Superman is not too good for mankind and he wants to stop him. Eventually the heroes fight based on a misunderstanding and the machinations of Lex Luthor who has gained access to the Kryptonian stuff from the previous “Man Of Steel” film and believe it or not there were even glimpses of these scenes in the trailers so I don’t feel as though I am spoiling anything yet.

This battle brings us to the even bigger battle with a creature that proves to be Doomsday but he is not exactly the Doomsday we knew from the comics series and he is great at causing a ruckus and putting all of our heroes to the test. Do they beat him? Well, this is where I would risk spoiling the plot and outcome but I will say that I was not expecting the direction that they would take this film when it all came down to it. They are leading us to a big screen presentation of “The Justice League” and of course a solo “Wonder Woman” film and while this slam bang ending was all over I was shaking my head a little bit. The action was fast paced and furious and loaded with explosions (but you saw that in commercials) but when it came down to it a lot of this felt like I was watching a video game play out. There didn’t feel to be a natural flow in anything. I like Cavill as Superman but I didn’t like Superman much in this film. I loved Batman and didn’t think I was going to and Wonder Woman did some ass-kicking but there is so much more to her that I felt audiences were cheated out of. Standout performance by Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and while Jesse Eisenberg excelled in the performance he was doing, I absolutely hated without a second of hesitation the Luthor that he was. Perhaps director Zak Snyder needs to read a few more of the classic tales before he leaves people upset about the Justice League film.

When I spoke to friends later about the film and they asked what I thought I simply replied how I would see “Deadpool” again and that confused them a little. If you are only planning on seeing this for the sake of continuity then I say okay but I think it will still leave you a little empty and very, very tired. This film is almost three hours long and it could have been shaved by about 45 minutes. Doing so would have eliminated a few unnecessary side plot points and brought us to the action faster. Action is what people want to see in a film called “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” after all. I’m rating this a 3/5 to be nice but it’s closer to a 2.5 since the bad or boring points outweighed the positives for sure.

Official Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman_v_Superman%3A_Dawn_of_Justice

PiercingMetal Sees “Deadpool” @ Regal Union Square Stadium 14

I’m figuring that with the film having been released for over a week to the general masses that all of the absolute comic book film diehards have gotten to see “Deadpool”. I caught this a couple of days ago with my good friend Skeleton Pete and I wanted to offer up some quick insight about the film but nothing that is going to be a spoiler for anyone. At least I don’t think that there will be anything spoiled. We saw it over at the Regal Union Square Stadium on 13th Street which is a usual haunt for us to see the adventure films. While we went super early, there is NO matinee price to speak of at this theater. Here we go.

For starters, I should stress that “Deadpool” is NOT a part of the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe (referred to from now on as “MCU” for the sake of typing) and is instead considered among the “X-Men” film universe that is maintained by 20th Century Fox. Some people might not know who Deadpool even is or what this film entails so here is a repeat of the film premise that was culled from its Wikipedia page just before release.
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