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Monster Magnet @ Gramercy Theatre

Monster Magnet will bring it on in NYC at the Gramercy Theatre.

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Monster Magnet Announces North American Tour

Hey fiends, Happy Monday to you all. So today seems to be the continuation of a couple of super hot days in NYC and thanks to this news from Dave Wyndorf and Monster Magnet, the end of the summer into the Fall is going to be raising the temperature as well. Take a look at this new tour announcement that came from the handlers of their media affairs.

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The Press Release:
March of 2018 saw the release of the latest MONSTER MAGNET masterpiece “Mindfucker” (Order and Stream The Album) on Napalm Records. Following three exclusive Northeastern US shows, the band headed across the pond for a European headline tour. Now they are ready to return to North America for a full headline tour this Fall. The band will hit the road in North America on September 28th in Toronto, ON. The tour will run through October 28th in Boston, MA. Support on the tour will come from Electric Citizen and Dark Sky Choir. A complete list of dates can be found below.

A message from MM frontman Dave Wyndorf: “Can’t wait to hit North America with the MINDFUCKER tour! Warning: This is REAL ROCK music, made loud to be played loud! A Monster Magnet show is a face melting celebration of electric madness made all the better and fueled to peak intensity by the attendance of excitable human beings. Hope you’re part of that equation! See you soon!
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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2013: Day 2 – Part 3

Hello readers and welcome back to the continuing presentations from my recent visit to the NY Comic Con of 2013; I am still hard at work delivering all the wondrous findings and visuals from the second day of the convention and if you are just joining us on the program, please know that I have broken down my images into fifty per posting. Let’s get a move on shall we….

I don’t really like starting off a chapter with a Cosplay that I do not immediately recognize but the Manga stuff is too hard to follow. This young lady had an impressive battle stance and hence gets the honor just the same.

nycc 2013, ny comic con 2013, ny comic con

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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2013: Day 2 – Part 2

……and we’re back, did you miss us? No need to answer because I know you did. So as I mentioned in yesterday’s post about the wonders of the NY Comic Con, I will be delivering about fifty images per post across the next few days to keep it easy to follow and to not overwhelm the senses. You’ll thank me later for sure. Now let’s get on down to it with “Chapter Two of NY Comic Con Day 2”. As I’ve done in the past with posts like these I blend the wonders of the convention together in terms of the fantastic designs on the Cosplayers and of course the myriad of creative resources that are at every turn. First up for this chapter is The Red Hood. You might remember him as being the original identity of The Joker but now its Jason Todd behind the red helmet and he means business.

nycc 2013, ny comic con 2013, ny comic con
The Red Hood Cosplay

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“Tab” (remaster) by Monster Magnet

Artist: Monster Magnet
Title: “Tab” (remaster)
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 4/4/2006
Genre: Stoner Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

Presenting the listener with a twisted, Psychedelic and sonic melee that is not for the timid comes from Monster Magnet with their remastered version of “Tab”. The albums epic track of “Tab” runs a full 32 minutes and its full drug referenced lyrics and spoken word, presented in a mass of trippy sludgy, delay laden, soundscapes that swirl over a slow grinding, hypnotic, and trance like groove. There is feedback infused wah-wah, and tortured guitars that punctuate the sonic almost nightmarish onslaught. Some listeners might find this plodding and repetitive, or an unending drone while others may find it an epic work of controlled chaos and drug soaked brilliance.
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