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Goodbye To MOG (2005-2014)

It’s with great sadness that I say goodbye to a Music Streaming service that I greatly enjoyed over the last few years. Yes my dear Metal and Hard Rock fans of the world, today is the day that MOG is being shut off and goes away forever. It shall be missed.

Logo - MOG

I first heard about MOG thanks to my good friend Skeleton Pete and in the early days of the service it acted almost like a magazine where you could not only sample music that was out there but you could read reviews of it and interact with other fans of the same kinds of stuff. I signed on to be an affiliate almost immediately because I thought this aspect was super cool. Facebook was still a growing entity at the time and was really not serving up music to the level that I wanted it to. This was a welcome account to have in my seemingly endless list of online accounts. In time they would move on from the Social Networking aspect of the service and become more of a streaming only service but it was still pretty okay to me. Through it I was able to find a lot of music that interested me and it even helped out during the review process when I needed to access songs to do some objective reviews on the core part of the PiercingMetal site.

In 2012 MOG was purchased by Beats Music which is a company owned by Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre (they are most commonly known for those big head phones that you see on the subways and streets – I’m not a fan to be quite honest but that is just me). The acquisition of MOG by Beats meant that the service would be shut down in the sense that we knew and rebranded/relaunched as the Beats Music. The original “kill date” was back in April but it got pushed ahead and well, here we are. I’m not going to participate in Beats Music and who knows how long that is even going to last based on the recent news at how Apple purchased the brand from Dre and Iovine for several billion dollars. That said, I once again say goodbye MOG. Thanks for the music that you gave me and well – everyone else 🙂

Screaming Females: Live Photos @ Brooklyn Bowl (10/19/2010)

Logo - Screaming Females

The other night our stalwart companion at numerous shows, Mr. Skeleton Pete Parrella, attended a MOG Music Network event at The Brooklyn Bowl. This particular happening was a part of the 2010 CMJ Music Festival and the Screaming Females were doing a set of music. Pete kindly offered up the images which can be enjoyed below.

screaming females, screaming females live photos,

screaming females, screaming females live photos,
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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: MOG

Simply put, MOG is a paid and subscription based online music service that let’s anyone who signs up for it discover new worlds of music and even add comments to the postings that the “Moggers” make about them. The term “Mogger” is their derivative of the now common place “Blogger”. Its pretty cool and shares some similarities with how a conventional blog works and when you are one of its members you are able to listen to music on any MAC or PC system via the Internet and also stream the content to your mobile device.

PiercingMetal.com created an account when the service was still free and we have maintained it for the purposes of broadcasting our own blogs to their subscribers. It seems to be helping the efforts and most importantly the bands that we are spending time writing and photographing for your own entertainment. If you are a subscriber and would like to interact with us, you can click the logo to find us. I think you only have to “Add Mogger” to your profile to see what I post there. Please bear in mind that if you are already hitting the main websites Blog here or our Facebook Page that you will be seeing repeat postings. I don’t get to utilize as many of its offerings as I would like to based on a very hectic writing regimen but when I manage to find the time, I do enjoy what it does. The prices of signing up are affordable enough for anyone’s pocket so if you are looking for a new way to enjoy music and to interact a little easier with other fans of similar sounds, then by all means become a Mogger.

To learn more about the company, you can click their Wikipedia entry HERE. It should help illuminate