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Exploring Big Apple Comic Con 2018: Part 1

Considering how many of these conventions that we’ve been attending for the sake of the Geek Media, it’s pretty safe to assume that we love the creativity and colorful displays to be found at events such as New York Comic Con, WinterCon and now the Big Apple Comic Con which was happening here in NYC just this past weekend.

Though we would have preferred to attend on the Saturday portion of the weekend, the only provisions that were offered were for Sunday so that would be the day of the exploration.  PiercingMetal hasn’t been to BACC in a couple of years and it was based on my scheduling of other things at the same time but now its time to get back into the NY Groove with the coolness and the cosplay.  Let’s go.

big apple comic con, big apple comic con 2018, big apple comic con cosplay

I’m just going to jump into the fray since my MTA journey to the city was an arduous one. Sunday train travel has been a beast of late and its become a reason I tend to avoid the day in Manhattan if at all possible. Oh yeah, this is Josh Adams, son of Neal. We’ll get to him later.

big apple comic con, big apple comic con 2018, big apple comic con cosplay

big apple comic con, big apple comic con 2018, big apple comic con cosplay
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Win A Ticket For The CEG Cosplay Cruise On 10/6/2017

The Details: Anyone who attends the massive NY Comic Con event knows that it’s a mega-dose of awesome sights and scenes and colorful characters of many kinds. An all day wandering of such a happening finds the attendees needing to unwind a little bit and that makes this latest contest something awesome to showcase as CEG Presents their annual “Cosplay Cruise”. This year’s event will feature Guest Hosts like noted cosplayers Soni Aralynn, Kristen Lanae, Brit Bliss along with Ming Chen from Comic Book Men. There will be prizes and special events across the journey, a DJ and a cash bar and concessions for the 18+ attendee and thanks to the awesome promoters at CEG Presents, PiercingMetal is going to be sending a few lucky Cosplayers onto the high seas (well, out into the Hudson River to be more precise) to enjoy this event. Read more about the location and how to participate down below.

When and Where: Friday, October 6th 8pm @ Circle Line Cruises (West 42nd Street and 12th Avenue).
To Participate: This event contest is for the Cosplayers only and not the “Cosplay Curious” and with that being the case I’ve fashioned a few questions that you need to answer as your entry. They are pretty involved so you might want to jot them all down on a memo and then past it into the response on the contest to make sure you don’t lose connection – Here we go.

A: What is the best Cosplay that you have ever done and why?
B: How long did your finest work take you to complete?
C: Name three different Cosplays you have done over the years.
D: Tell me some Cosplays that you hope to do in the near future.
E: What Cosplay do you envision bringing to the Cosplay Cruise if you are one of our winners?
F: Show us a visual of yourself in one of your awesome outfits by embedding a link to an image (it can be to your public Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram.
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3rd Annual CEG Cosplay Cruise @ Circle Line

Unofficial NYC Comic Con After-Party, 8pm Boarding 9pm Departure. Special guest hosts Soni Aralynn, LeeAnna Vamp , Brit Bliss, Cap Santiago, Siryn, Negative Stacey. Lineup subject to change, Ages 18+. Alcohol, Soft drinks, snacks available for purchase on the cruise. 21+ to drink. Props policy is as follows- No metal or wood, No sharp Objects. It will be up to the discretion of the security what you can bring on board.

Airing Tonight: “Comic Book Men” Season 5 Premiere (10/18/2015)

Just a quick note to remind you all that the fifth season of AMC’s “Comic Book Men” will air tonight after “The Talking Dead” program. Check your local listings for the exact time just in case something has changed. Do you watch this show?

Logo - Comic Book Men

For those who are not yet viewing the show, I’ll quote the Wiki entry: “Comic Book Men is an American reality television series airing on the AMC network. It is set at Kevin Smith’s comic book shop, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, in Red Bank, New Jersey.” Is that clear enough? We also begin each program and close it with a portion of Smiths podcast and I have to get around to programming that on my mobile device since I want to keep up a little better. Here are the stars of the show for you newbies.

Kevin Smith
Walt Flanagan
Ming Chen
Brian Johnson
Mike Zapzic
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Tonight: “Comic Book Men” Season 4 (10/12/2014)

Not only had the 2014 NY Comic Con ended a few hours ago and led us into the fifth season premiere of “The Walking Dead” (which I hope you are not planning on spoiling for anyone after it ends) but not long after that show airs we shall get the fourth season premiere of “Comic Book Men”. Since I was leading us into “TWD” I felt that I might as well continue to help this series with related broadcast posts. Have you given this show a chance yet? Let’s discuss a little more after the logo below.

Logo - Comic Book Men

The Premise: As I’ve denoted for the last few seasons of this program, the premise of the show is the day-to-day happenings that take place in Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash which is Kevin Smith’s comic book shop that is located in Red Bank, New Jersey. As you are reading this I should admit that I have only seen the first two seasons with a spattering of the third so I am hoping that Netflix gets them again since I don’t think they are on the On Demand for AMC anymore. If you have not seen it yet, there are some similarities to the show “Pawn Stars” but done with a much geekier and comic/toy collector twist. I’ve formed this viewpoint since the customer brings in items that they wish to sell off to the store and they call in the occasional expert who knows more about a particular piece being presented. There is also a podcast that Smith hosts and the show switches back and forth from the staff talking there and the activity at the comic store. The cast of players remains the same and the show continues along at 30 minutes per episode for the fourth season.
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