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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of Decade” 2000-2009: Music and Video

Since starting up the website we have tried our best to maintain an annual list of what we felt was the most stand out of music releases, videos and live concert events. It’s generally a daunting task since being a reviewer of these wide scoping mediums you really have to keep it maintained as the year progresses along. This year the task would be much more involved and intense because it was also the end of the decade and closed out on a very amazing number of years in the Metal realm. Initially I had added the previous ten years views at the end of the “Best Of 2009” thoughts but realized that this was better presented as a standalone piece. That would allow me to keep it as something special of its own and allow for easier digestion and research into the picks. Having been to a lot of shows and listened to a lot of music that was submitted in addition to that which was purchased I did my best at giving a tip of the hat to some of the things that we could recall as being of significant importance on the Metal and Hard Rock scene over the last ten years. I’m going to break this up into two parts and start with the music and videos. I hope you enjoy it.

PiercingMetal.com’s Top 10 CD Releases Of The Decade: 2000-2009:

Are you kidding me? You actually expect me to define only ten releases for an entire decade when the last five years of my life have been spent reviewing music…..do you people realize just how many albums that comes out to when you add it all up? OK, so even though I am closing in on 1000 actual CD reviews for the website, I will give a quick nod to ten of the albums that I found very appealing to my Metal and Hard Rock ears. You know what, since this is a big occasion and only happens once every ten years I will give you even more than CD preferences and add to the mix some of the DVD’s that I found to be noteworthy and make this whole thing a little more worth reading. Please understand that we did NOT offer up a top to bottom ranking on this list and just wanted you to be aware of some of our favorite releases from the decade that spanned from 2000-2009. Enjoy.

Kamelot “Ghost Opera” (SPV Records): The mighty Kamelot followed up their astounding “Black Halo” CD with this album and while they had already snared me with that release, this one signed the paperwork in blood.

KISS “Alive” Boxed Set (Universal Music): You’re probably screaming at me for including a CD boxed set that compiles all three existing KISS “Alive” recordings and offers up a long missing fourth one and if you are too bad about you. I found these albums inspirational, well at least the first two, and to find all of it put in one handy place with a superb booklet I could find no fault in this and it truly was one of my favorite items over the past ten years.

The 69 Eyes “Devils” (EMI Music): For me this ranks as one of the Decade’s best because it was an album that opened the band up to an entirely new fan base since it was the first of the bands catalog to be available in this part of the world. It would be followed by the full back catalogue but without this one they still might have been a best kept musical secret from Finland. My own first go at the band came via “Blessed Be” and the track “Brandon Lee”, so while a few years late to the party still a fan since that time.

Unexpect “In A Flesh Aquarium” (The End Records): This band defies description more than it does not and shows just how much room there is in modern Metal music. Take Progressive, Black Metal, Jazz and blend it up for this tasty musical cocktail. Diversity thy name is Unexpect.

Metallica “Death Magnetic” (Warner Music Group): Love it or not based on the “production” that some experts are lambasting, this was the album that showed us all that Metallica could still kick our ass with a Metal album. Now Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and MTV Icons, they chose to no longer take the role for granted and pummeled us.

Nightwish “Wishmaster” (Century Media Records): This 2001 release would be the album for the band that would somehow spark my own interest in reviewing albums and concerts so how could it not be on my list of best of the decade.

Porcupine Tree “Fear Of A Blank Planet” (Atlantic Records): Really just an incredible album and one that broke a lot of new fans for the work. Congratulations Mr. Wilson.

Marillion “Marbles” (Racket Records): This album proved to be that Marillion still had what it took to impress and inspire me and what came afterward made me question this once again found trust. Oh well.
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PiercingMetal’s Editorial for 2009

Editorial: The Year in Reviews for 2009

It’s amazing to me when I realize that not only is 2009 over, but that we are officially off and running into 2010 at this point. So let me ask you all a question – Is it just me or did you view 2009 as being one of those years that absolutely blasted by in terms of things to do and how fast it seemed to go away? I sure hope that I am not wrong in that assumption because it feels like only yesterday that I was compiling some thoughts about 2008 and the website for those who have been reading our work. Anyway, I digress. So while we felt that 2008 was a pretty cool year as far as being a Music Media Guy, it seemed as though 2009 blew it out of the water in terms of things to adventure into and report upon to raise your music and entertainment awareness about the Metal and Hard Rock scene of our fair city and its outskirts whenever possible. As 2009 closed out we finalized the coding on what appeared to be the 1850th review on PiercingMetal.com and that was pretty cool because 350 or so of these came to be in 2009 alone. That’s something like a review every day if you factor it out. Of course in the larger scheme of things we felt that it was not enough for our liking and will look to knock that number out of the park with 2010 as much as possible. I am of course speaking of trying to surpass those 350 articles and not the full on 1850. A number of factors kept the “conventional” reviewing process a little slower than we would have liked despite the relatively solid content productivity and we will touch up them as the various sections of our Editorial recap go by. Needless to say this was a VERY busy year and as a website we felt that we were fortunate enough to take part in a number of super cool things that will not only continually provide entertainment to you readers; but also be memories that we will keep close to our Metal heart for years to come. Let’s rewind.
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PiercingMetal Re-Introduces The “Artist Spotlight” Feature

Image - Spotlights

As loyal followers of the site are well aware, the Main Page of PiercingMetal.com offered readers the opportunity to check out who we felt was the appropriate “Artist Of The Month” at a specific time. The section sat on top of the most recently added batch of reviews and when selected the reader would execute a search query that would run against all of the review content on the site and present them with anything that had been written about said artist on a page of its own. We also presented some light commentary of our own for good measure. The resulting list allowed them to pick and choose what they wanted to absorb about the artists CD or DVD releases as well as any Interview or Concert coverage we had done for them. It worked well but the downside of this became clear almost immediately based on the reality that one could have several hundred reviews on a site for a number of different artists but only a brief amount of content for each individual. That made the region problematic and it often went unmaintained since our core reason for being a site was to add reviews of whomever we could wrap thoughts around and whose releases we were entrusted to present a narrative on. Doing that for the readers was a little more important than worrying about a monthly artist change. We liked having this on the site of course but in the end it became something that looked better on paper than in actual reality and even though reviews were added regularly you would seldom reach an acceptable amount to have a special page devoted to the particular artist. The other downside was the fact that there was no historical recap of it based on the way that the site flowed and this fact got me thinking about some changes.
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PiercingMetal’s Editorial for 2008

Logo - PM Editorial

The idea for doing an Editorial for PiercingMetal.com came to me based on a number of different things and I think the first one of them had to be from my corporate side of life where endless meeting after meeting would eventually culminate in the end of the year “how we doing” session. Those involved the Grand Poobah in charge to sit down with everyone under their sage wisdom and we would all recap the year to better understand what we did be it good or bad. I also was a fan of the editorial page in some of the magazines that I was reading where the editor lined out a number of key points about the work of the previous year when it came to either video releases, technology or musical equipment. It dawned on me that perhaps it would be a good idea to think aloud about the previous years adventures on the website and after careful consideration, we figured out how best to make it something tangible that any readers of PiercingMetal.com could learn a little about us from. We set it up based on site review criteria and not only would we speak on the strengths of the business (if any was to be found), but we would also line out and explain key or significant changes to the website and how we felt they would impact the reader. Given our role as site administrators, we felt that you might as well hear about this stuff from us and hopefully like where we were coming from with it.
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PiercingMetal Musings Blog Hits 1st Anniversary (4/8/2008)

Logo - PiercingMetal Musings - Original

You’ll have to forgive me here for taking a moment of the time for a bit of a public service announcement but its indeed true. Our now officially in play side blog for the PiercingMetal site, my “PiercingMetal Musings”, has reached its first anniversary. The Blog’s Year One is only a few days after our main PM.com anniversary and while I did not raise the banner about it in these writings, PiercingMetal.com is now three years old as well. The planning in that was more of a coincidence than synchronicity and we are now broadcasting to you all based in WordPress as opposed to its original Blogger account. So what do you think so far? Are you liking the idea of this?

I admit that I am not 100% sold on the idea of having a blog in addition to a traditional website because its an added facet of work to pay attention to. So far I’ve managed to list some of our older Editorial pieces along with the various side tales that I have experienced in my adventures as a Music Journalist. This has been fun to do because the side tales are perfect for this kind of thing. I’ve done an intro post about leading into the concert reports that I have over on the main site and that is purely because I want the search mechanisms that are involved in blogs to be able to find this stuff all the more easier. Additional traffic to the PiercingMetal.com brand is the main reason that I moved this blog to WordPress from Blogger in the first place because this is now 100% under my domain as opposed to sending the traffic somewhere else. An online presence is a constant numbers game and being from an Information Technology background, I love keeping my statistics up.
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