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Wishing A “Merry Metal Christmas” 2017 To All

In keeping with the theme of the Christmas holiday, I figured let’s wish those readers who celebrate the day as we do here at the Metal Media Command HQ a very MERRY METAL CHRISTMAS. Sadly I’m not in the photos yet as I’m busy with the affairs of the day and prepping my ornaments to affix to my leather jacket for the TSO Concert tomorrow. It’s something that I’ve been doing for years but we can talk more on that later. Instead please meet Reaper Claus and Metal Claus 🙂

The screen capture below comes from one of “The Simpsons” holiday shows and always makes me laugh when I see it. Fortunately, the ability to pause ones programs in order to get your mobile ready to snap a shot is a common thing nowadays and I just had to get this for the purpose of this little wish. The whole clip is only seconds long as Marge flips across their available music channels and when she reaches the “Norwegian Death Metal Holiday Hymns” we hear blistering guitar and the growling “Bah!”. Priceless.

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Wishing A Merry “Metal” Christmas 2016 To All

I just wanted to take a moment and wish all of those who are celebrating the day, a very Merry “Metal” Christmas today and offer up a seasonal image from the PiercingMetal High Command to your view screens. Also, with Hanukkah beginning last night, we wish all of those who celebrate that holiday the very best.

For this year’s post I decided that two images would be fun and the one above is my standard concert wear MC along with a very old decoration I found in a box. There were lights for it, but the plastic that held them into place had long broken into pieces so its kind of hard to get them on there properly. I had to laugh at the notion of how Santa looks like he is flipping the bird at us. Am I seeing things here? I don’t think so. The other was with the main man Mr. Claus himself who I chanced upon at a recent event being held by the fine folks at Sirius XM. I promised the jolly one that I had been good for the sake of Metal and he sent a text to the Krampus to keep him out of my way for the time being. Still, I must remain vigilant in Metal’s behalf. Even on Christmas 🙂

Closing up I wish you a great day with those who matter most in your personal world. Spend that time with them because that is what counts the most when it all comes down to it. Thanks for reading the website and following us on the various Social Networks and just keeping our words in play. To me you are as awesome as the rock stars that we speak about in each and every piece of work. I’ll be back with the regular posts soon as we help send off 2016 to its close.

PiercingMetal & I Wish You A Very “Merry Metal Christmas 2013”

Since we do the Christmas Holiday here at the PiercingMetal Command HQ, I wanted to wish all of our readers that celebrate this a very “Merry Christmas”.  Special thanks to our friend Chris Intriago who worked up this seasonal version of my brand logo.  This post gives me another chance to showcase it 🙂

I took a trek up to Rockefeller Center to see the famous Christmas Tree.  Its really a spectacle and I asked these nice Japanese tourists if they would indulge me with a photograph.  I had just taken one of them and also tried to convince them to come to see the band Vamps who were playing the day after when this photo was taken.  I wonder if they listened.


I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra the other day and yes I did actually do this to my leather jacket.  Its the perfect way to use some decorations that have been just sitting in a box in my closet.  It always goes over with the folks I know and each year it gets a little different.  I already have next years prep in mind.


As I have mentioned the famous tree just above, if you click the photo below of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree you will be instantly transported over to my PiercingKen.com Blog and its annual “Christmas Visuals” post. I’ve been doing that kind of post over there for some time so please do come visit, I think you might enjoy it.


Early last week I went to Webster Hall to enjoy a Holiday Mixer and readers know how PiercingMetal has reviewed and photographed shows at each of the venues three venues on the site. Since they had a big tree on the top of the marquee, we snapped a photo of it.


Sadly there was no real “Metal Christmas” show to report on and I guess the Twisted Sister Christmas show is over for the duration as this marks two years without it.   With that being the case I decided to add a photo of Santa Dee for good measure.  I hope you have been nice and not naughty.  He sure looks like he means business.  This was shot during the bands 2011 show in NYC


Now its time for me to go but I do wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and to our friends who are celebrating other holidays we hope that they were absolutely wonderful for you. I will see you around the Metal realm for sure as soon as 2014 begins and there is a lot to bring to your attention so stay tuned and keep up on our Social Network links so you know about everything as soon as I press “Go!”.

“Have A Merry Metal Christmas From PiercingMetal” (12/25/2012)

Generally I leave this kind of posting for my PiercingKen.com Site these days but today I was really feeling in the holiday mood and wanted to wish those readers who celebrate the day a very “Merry Metal Christmas”. I know its not really a term we find used but just work with me here for a second or three.

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