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Abrams Books & Hasbro “Marvel Legends” @ New York Comic Con 2022

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Hello there my friends and let me say that I know you are looking for another full on overview of the New York Comic Con like I did with the recent posts from my Day One adventuring. As you know, I always try to keep this kind of stuff interesting and felt that I should mix it up just a little bit with this years posts. Since we stopped by the Abrams Books and Marvel Entertainment booth, I decided to take those photos out of the larger rundown and showcase them in a post of their own. First up is the Abrams Books booth.

abrams books logo, book company logos, abrams books

The Abrams Books booth was super busy at New York Comic Con and I loved to see this since I am a big fan of their books. I own several and really think that I should be reviewing more of them for the website because most of what they publish really speaks to our Pop Culture readership. The Fantastic Four book you see is done by Alex Ross and apparently is his first time writing a story unless I heard them wrong. Either way I need a copy of this. I loved the John Byrne “Fantastic Four” era and I am sure Ross will illustrate them wonderfully.

new york comic con 2022, nycc 2022, abrams books
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